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How the Shift Leadership Team Stays Productive


Kelsey Lessard

Marketing Specialist - 21 Oct, 2020


We interviewed all the different teams that make up Shift to discover how they #GetItDone. You might have already seen the productivity tips and tricks from a few members of our Customer Success and Marketing teams. Wondering where the development team is? Well, developers are busy people and they just didn’t have time to chat. So, last up in this series is our Leadership team: Nadia, Stew, and Michael.


Our CEO Nadia is the uber creative leader of our amazing team here at Shift. Her mission? To help make your workday more productive. Her two simple tricks to help keep herself focused are to stay hydrated and make sure her workspace has a fresh breeze. Nadia also always finds time to fit in a run during the day. Her other main tip is to keep it simple for strategy and planning by using Google Docs and Google Sheets in Shift. We’re not sure how she manages to get it all done but she does! And without her, Shift just wouldn’t be where it is today.

Favorite apps: Asana, Google Drive, Instagram, Twitter, Slack


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Meet the man in charge of everything under the hood at Shift. Stew is our Director of Technology and leads the development of both innovating exciting new features as well as ensuring that everything continues to run smoothly. He not only manages to keep Shift in top form, but he also balances his time as a dad of three. His main tip for completing tasks in a busy world is to make your workspace and workflow conducive to “deep work”—highly focused and productive work that can only be accomplished without any distractions. He likes to batch his meetings on one day per week to leave the rest of his time available for focused work without any interruptions.

Favorite apps: GitHub, Slack, Messenger


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As the Director of Product at Shift, Michael wears many hats as he moves between customer success, technology, design, and business. Plus, as the father of two teenagers, he’s no stranger to having to juggle a lot of things at once. He recommends trying to find balance in all the chaos and advises getting outside for exercise at least once per day. He finds that getting moving is the best way to break up the day and avoid an afternoon slump, or worse, burnout. His favorite way to get outside? Cycling!

Favorite apps: Jira, Invision, Slack, Asana


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Keep It Balanced

Our leadership team at Shift has found that the best way to stay productive is to find balance in their workdays with exercise and fresh air. And, to make sure that some of their workday is always dedicated to deep work. Overall, their three main tips are:

  1. Get outside during the day
  2. Stay active
  3. Block off time for deep work

Still looking for more ways to boost your productivity? Try out Shift today and organize your email accounts, apps, and workflows like never before. Plus, you can use the mute notification feature to mute notifications across all apps and accounts for periods of dedicated deep work. Download Shift now to make your workday more productive than ever.