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How the Shift Marketing Team Stays Productive


Kelsey Lessard

Marketing Specialist - 19 Aug, 2020


We interviewed all of the Shift teams to find out how our productivity experts #GetItDone. Next up: a few members of our marketing team reveal their top tips and tricks for staying productive and focused whether they’re working remotely or in the office.


Senior digital marketer Simon is not only our resident SEO whiz, he’s also an avid mountain biker, golfer, and enjoys exploring the outdoors. His main productivity tip is to use the Unified Search feature in Shift to easily find important documents and emails without slowing down your workflow. Having to pause what you’re doing to search for critical information is a huge roadblock that no one needs to encounter during the workday—Unified search can help make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Favorite apps: Stripe, Google Analytics, Google Ads, MixPanel, Jira,, SEMRush

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Dylan is one of our digital marketers who’s a pro at online marketing. If you’ve seen one of our online campaigns, chances are Dylan’s had a hand in making it happen. He’s also lucky enough to have one of the cutest dogs around—Max! His number one tip is to keep a consistent morning routine, even while working from home, in order to start the day off right and build motivation. If you’re struggling to build a stable morning routine, try using an app like Habitica or Todoist to track your habits and help with consistency.

Favorite apps: Slack, Grow, Stripe

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Our marketing strategist Olivia has an impressive eye for detail and design, and we don’t know what we’d do without her knowledge and hard work on campaigns and newsletters. That eye for detail extends into her personal life and her passion for interior decorating. She finds that using the pomodoro technique is a great way to break up tasks into manageable pieces. The pomodoro technique is simple: when you start a new task, set a timer for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break once the timer goes off. But, if you’re really in the zone, feel free to keep working past the 25 minute mark but stop once your focus drifts.

Favorite apps: Notion, Asana, Later, Facebook Business

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Kelsey joined the team in May as a content marketing co-op and now writes everything from blogs, to newsletters, to case studies. When she’s not at work, she likes to spend her time adventuring outside. Kelsey’s main productivity tip is to use tabs and Workspaces in Shift to keep projects separated and organized. She also likes to use Notion and Todoist to keep her to-do list organized, prioritize items, and break big projects down into smaller, more manageable tasks to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Favorite apps: Todoist, Woven, Notion

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Ally also joined the team back in May as a marketing co-op, and now we don’t know how we’d handle our campaigns and social media without her. Like many members of the marketing team, she also loves dogs and dog-sits whenever she has the chance. To stay productive, Ally uses the auto-hibernation feature in Shift to avoid getting distracted by notifications and to stay focused. Auto-hibernation works by automatically snoozing notifications for apps that aren’t being used (it also snoozes app refreshing to save your computer’s processing power!)

Favorite apps: Google Drive, Asana, Slack

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Keep it Focused

As a whole, our marketing team uses a few key strategies to keep themselves focused and productive during the work day:

  1. Break up big tasks into smaller pieces
  2. Keep a consistent routine
  3. Turn off notifications

Together, these can help you stay on task whether you’re working remotely at home, or in the office. If you’re still looking to increase your productivity, try out Shift today to organize your email accounts and apps like never before.