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How the Shift Customer Success Team Stays Productive


Kelsey Lessard

Marketing Specialist - 15 Jul, 2020


We interviewed all of the Shift teams to find out how our productivity experts #GetItDone. First up: a few of our rockstar customer success team members talk about finding the balance in your workday (but make sure to leave room for coffee!) 


Jessica, our Customer Success Manager, is not only the highly dedicated leader of our Customer Success Team but is also secretly a master Nintendo player. Challenge her to Mario Kart—we dare you! For her, the most important factor for staying productive is remembering to take breaks throughout the day. You can’t expect to be working at 100% for the whole day, it’s just not sustainable. So, instead of trying to push through when you feel tired and lack motivation, try taking a break to do something you enjoy like going for a walk, playing with your pet, or stretching. 

Favorite apps: Slack, Email, Calendly, Zoom

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Customer Success Specialist Karan is full of positive energy that is guaranteed to brighten your day whether you’re a Shift customer, a member of our team, or you just happen to meet him on the street. His productivity tip is all about taking the pressure off and not burning yourself out from constant perfectionism. If you don’t get everything on your to-do list done, remember that it’s not the end of the world. And, when work feels overwhelming, sometimes the best thing you can do is slow down and take a deep breath. 

Favorite apps: Slack, Asana

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Jadyn is our Customer Success Co-op who joined the team remotely back in May for an 8-month internship. We’re so happy to have her positive attitude on our team.⁠ In Jadyn’s experience, working from home has many benefits, but staying motivated can be tricky. Her favorite trick to boost motivation is to change up her surroundings. Mixing up the day-to-day scenery improves focus and often sparks a second wave of productivity. Her other favorite tip is, of course, coffee! But, don’t have more than a cup or two per day, and be sure to enjoy your lattes before noon if you don’t want the caffeine to impact sleep. 

Favorite apps: Slack, Asana, Zoom

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Keep it simple

Overall, our Customer Success Team prefers to keep their core productivity methods simple. While using apps like Slack, Asana, and Calendly within Shift help them to stay organized, at the end of the day it’s the simple things that matter most. So, three things that work for our team that you can try right now are: 

  1. Take a break 

  2. Take a deep breath

  3. Drink some coffee 

Still looking for more ways to boost your productivity? Try out Shift today and organize your email accounts and apps like never before.