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How Marketers Boost Productivity Using Shift


Sophie Blaine

Marketing Specialist - 01 Feb, 2021


The average marketer has multiple accounts to manage, numerous everyday apps, and a fast-paced workflow. Whether you are freelance, in-house, or marketing at an agency — any digital marketer knows that keeping up with all their accounts can be challenging. Shift has changed the lives of marketers all over the world and reduced the stress of managing a mountain of different accounts. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by your browser, logging in and out of apps, organizing your tabs, or making sure details don’t slip your mind, Shift is the productivity app for you. Don’t let the demands of digital marketing slow down your workflow; and instead, find joy in managing everything with ease using Shift.

How in-house marketers use Shift

In-house marketers can utilize Shift to its full potential by integrating their favorite apps, collaborating on Workspaces, and streamlining their email flow.

“Since Facebook's family of apps and services, Outlook, and Workplace are a significant part of my day-to-day, I rely on Shift's convenient and simple desktop app to seamlessly toggle between and manage my accounts. Shift has been unequivocally instrumental in boosting my productivity and organizing my desktop space here at Facebook.”
- Laraib Ilyas, Account Manager, Facebook

Manage multiple email accounts

Many in-house marketers have multiple email addresses, and it can be challenging to keep up with all the calendar invites, project updates, and email marketing efforts. Shift lets you add an unlimited number of Gmail, Outlook or Office365 accounts and aggregates them together along the left sidebar. Toggle between your different email accounts and stay organized using Shift. Add as many email addresses as you want and begin working more efficiently!

Integrate all of your favorite apps

If you’re an in-house marketer that manages your companies’ social media accounts, you need to be using Shift. You can integrate your favorite apps within Shift and see all your email and social notifications in one beautiful platform. Add Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and any other socials you use into your Shift account. Being able to toggle between different accounts without logging in and out is guaranteed to save you time. Not to mention, when you have all of your notifications visible in the same interface, you’ll never miss an opportunity to engage with your customers or potential partners.

“Shift lets me access all the digital tools I use for work on a daily basis in one place including Todoist, Twist, Dropbox, and multiple Gmail accounts. It’s the ultimate all-in-one desktop tool for seamlessly switching between apps and staying productive in the process!”
- Fadeke Adegbuyi, Marketing Manager, Todoist

When your to-do list is overflowing, and you’re trying to stay above the latest marketing trends, task management apps like Asana, Slack, Jira, Todoist, or Airtable are essential. Without project and task management apps, marketers would be drowning in a sea of unfinished projects. Shift takes it a step further — bringing all of the best apps together, aggregating email accounts, and effortlessly streamlining your workflow.

Share Workspaces between team members

Workspaces is a fantastic feature of Shift that brings focus and convenience into your workday. Each Workspace is a personalized collection of all your most-used tabs, apps, and extensions — all built into the same browser. Customize your Workspace for specific projects or simply create a personal Workspace for everything you have on the go. You can share Workspaces with your team members, making it that much easier to collaborate on marketing strategies. If you have shared drive folders, project planning sheets, or shared social media accounts, Workspaces will help you organize your team and stay on track! Follow the instructions below to share your first Workspace with your team:

  1. Click on the blue "Share" button in the top right of your Workspace to open your Sharing options page. You can share via email or link.
  2. Choose the account you want to share from. All your email accounts in Shift will be listed in the drop-down menu under "Account.”
  3. Choose the sharing access and which tabs you want to share. If you want to keep certain tabs to yourself, be sure to uncheck those tabs before sharing them.
  4. Share! Generate your link or send your sharing email and start using your Workspace with others.

adding apps- workspaces

How freelance marketers use Shift

As a freelancer, your marketing skills are in high demand, and you need the right tools to keep up with all your responsibilities. From communicating with clients to planning out priorities, freelancers should be well-stocked with the best productivity tools. Never get stuck looking for an important document, communicating with clients, or logging in and out of your many apps — Shift has you covered with an all-in-one browser.

“Here comes along Shift, and suddenly it’s all there, and that’s really been a gift to my productivity and how I run my week.”
- Craig Cannings, FreelanceU

Use unified search to find everything you need

As a freelancer, you might be working for multiple clients at once, managing an array of accounts, and in need of an efficient way to organize your work. Everyone has experienced the frustration of searching for an important document through thousands of emails, and that’s why Shift designed unified search. You can find anything you’re looking for in one simple search that filters through all of your mail, calendar, and drive accounts. Never again will you get held up searching for an important document that has sunk to the bottom of your accounts.

Filter your search based on inclusion/exclusion of certain email, drive, and/or calendar accounts.
Additional filters for...

  • Mail: 'Include/Exclude Words', 'From/To', 'Subject', and 'Includes Attachment'
  • Calendar: 'What/Who/Where' and 'Date'
  • Drive: 'Include Words', 'Type', 'Name', 'Shared With', and 'In Trash' or 'Starred'

unified search

Personalize your Workspace and share with clients

Shift’s unique benefit is being able to share your work quickly and give your clients snippets of specific projects or tasks, saving you monstrous amounts of rework. It’s not often that a client can check in on the progress of a task without having to reach out through email or another string of communication. Using Workspaces, clients can check up on your progress, which will save you the dreaded pain of rework. Personalize your Workspace for different clients so you can easily share with a client and update them on your current progress — Shift helps you simplify the freelance process.

Keep your finances, project details and employers organized with Shift

Keeping track of your various projects, finance details and employers can quickly turn into a freelancing nightmare, so we built Shift to help you stay organized. Manage your finances with QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero, or Expensify to track your income and expenses for each project. You can add these apps into Shift and stay organized. From a macro to a micro-level view, task management tools help you map out the scope of a project and ensure that you are reaching deadlines. Shift helps you customize your workflow by adding project management apps — Asana, Trello, Monday, or Clickup — into your Shift browser for better productivity and time-tracking.

How marketing agencies use Shift

Agencies are filled with highly talented individuals that need a balanced set of tools to keep up with the fast-paced trends of digital marketing. If you’re working at an agency, you need the perfect tech stack to manage your clients’ demands and put intent behind your work. When your unique skills are contributing to multiple goals for different companies, it’s crucial to stay on top of your work and differentiate your responsibilities. There's nothing worse than mixing up your client accounts and accidentally posting something on the wrong account — but with Shift, you won’t have to worry. Integrating a bundle of apps that work together efficiently into your Shift account will help you exceed the expectations of your partners, clients, and vendors.

Easily switch between clients with Workspaces

Differentiating between client projects can be challenging, but Shift has created a solution that will allow you to customize your browser view. Provide your clients with all the information they need to stay updated in one Workspace. You can easily switch between different Workspaces that are tailored to each client. Integrate all of your agency specific apps such as AgencyAnalytics, MyAgencyPal, FreeAgent or manage projects with Asana, Wrike, WorkFlowy or Airtable. Don’t worry, if none of these apps resonate with your business you can find thousands of others in our app directory.

  1. Easily switch between email accounts
  2. Add your clients as Workspaces to stay organized
  3. Add apps for each client to stay logged in and customize the workspace
  4. Add bookmarks for each client, so you can keep all your resources in one space

marketing agency workspaces in Shift

Shared Workspaces: bring partners, clients, and vendors together

Share your personalized Workspace and bring everyone together using Shift! Coordinating all of your partners, clients and vendors can be challenging. But, with Workspaces you can share your progress and compile a project's moving parts together in one browser. You can customize your Workspaces with different icons, so you’re never confused about which client projects you’re working on.

Follow these steps to customize your Workspace:

  1. Right-click on the Workspace in the sidebar and click "Settings"
  2. Change the Workspace Name, Description, Colour, and Icon as desired

Daniel Paul is a master marketer who relies on Shift to manage workflows at his agency, NOBO Inc. Daniel has multiple email accounts for his clients. He claims his productivity would be amiss without Shift. By simplifying the amount of time you spend jumping from app to app and intuitively streamlining email flows, Shift has revolutionized the way agencies communicate with their clients.

“I can have all six email accounts open and manage it from there, simplifying how much time I spend jumping from app to app.”
- Daniel Paul, Marketing VP, NOBO Inc.

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Daniel Paul Case Study

On-boarding New Hires

Updating a new hire on one of your ongoing clients? Shift makes it as simple as sharing a Workspace with all of the necessary apps, extensions and documents to onboard with ease. We know you’re busy, so we’ve created a solution that allows you to simply press the ‘share’ button and your new hire is off the races. With a customized Workspace that encompasses the scope of the project and all the necessary tools for that specific client, your new hires can get started right away. Add all of your Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Ad accounts, project management apps and anything else you can think of to a designated Workspace.

Integrate your favorite marketing tools into Shift

Slack: Slack is an instant messaging app for teams looking to streamline communication, cut down on emails, and get the answers they need, when they need them.

Facebook: Reach a broader audience, connect with your customers and unlock new marketing opportunities.

Asana: Asana is a project management tool that makes your team more efficient. Manage projects, oversee progress and connect your team members together.

Instagram: Instagram is a social media app that brings people together through media. Share your brand on Instagram through photos and videos, while tracking your engagement.

Whatsapp: Stay connected to your co-workers, clients and partners using Whatsapp. Communicate with voice calls, text messages and video calls.

Trello: Trello is a collaboration tool that allows your team to organize items into boards, lists, and cards to prioritize projects in a more efficient and flexible way.

Linkedin: Linkedin is a social media platform designed to connect professionals in the business world. Develop relationships with potential partners, clients and followers through Linkedin.

Twitter: Twitter is a great social media tool that marketers use to engage with their audience and increase brand awareness.

Canva: Canva is a free graphic design tool that offers access to millions of photographs, design tools, and fonts to help you build out your brand.

Microsoft Teams: Microsoft teams is a platform for workplace chat so you can collaborate on different projects and connect to Office365.

Youtube: Upload original content, engage with popular youtubers or influencers and reach new customers using Youtubes media platform.

Notion: Notion is an all-in-one workspace for your team that blends your everyday apps into one. Manage projects, schedule social media posts, and communicate with stakeholders using Notion.

Todoist: Manage your business and personal life using Todoist, keeping everything organized in one place.

Try Shift Today

Shift is a desktop app that aggregates your email accounts, apps and extensions, streamlining your workflow with an all-in-one browser. Shift is the ultimate tool for the busy marketer, download Shift now and begin working more productively. Seriously, it’s a game changer.