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Case Study: The Master Marketer


Sophie Blaine

Marketing Specialist - 19 Jan, 2021


How Daniel Paul keeps his agency organized through Shift

Daniel Paul has been in the world of marketing for a long time. He even worked with Apple to market the first Mac computer to home users. Today, Daniel runs his own digital marketing agency, NOBO Inc, with a focus on consulting. While he’s no longer “trying to explain to people why they’d want a home computer” and technology has advanced, in some ways the central tenets of marketing have stayed the same.

After working for several other companies, including Disney, Daniel made the leap and founded an agency. He made this decision practically overnight after one of his clients offered up the idea, and Daniel took the risk — his natural talent for marketing had not gone unseen.

Daniel shares the challenges of marketing in the digital age

“How do I make my message relevant?”

Daniel is continually trying to find new ways to market to a younger generation and finds that this can be challenging with the way media circulates in today's world. People are consuming content differently, and marketers must keep a sharp eye on their audience to stay relevant. Despite the advances in advertising, Daniel still believes that the best way to reach your audience is through recommendations from a trusted source. According to Daniel, finding businesses or clients who support and believe in your product will circulate a feedback loop of success.

Daniels daily workflow

His daily workflow always starts with creating a to-do list for the day in a Notes file after scanning his work and personal email accounts to determine which tasks are the most important. Daniel spends most of his time working on projects that will move the needle, tackling his often overwhelming stream of emails and, of course, Zoom meetings.

“find a task management system that works for you”

One of Daniel’s key productivity tips is to not over-complicate your life with technology. The most crucial part of any productivity system is capturing everything in one place, whether that’s an actual to-do app, a simple note-taking app, or a pen and paper. Daniel notes that people often get caught up with overly complex ways of managing themselves and spend monstrous amounts of time organizing a system they may never use. It’s essential to find what works for you and keep track of what you didn't get done that week and are going to do next week, but it doesn’t have to be some sort of elaborate system. Daniel keeps it simple and easy — working smart, not hard.

Managing multiple apps and emails with Shift

His main tip for handling multiple email accounts (he has six!) is to use Shift. Daniel has been a Shift user for nearly three years now and uses it to plan, communicate, and work with clients. Not only is it space for Daniel to bring all of his apps together, but it also cuts down the time he spends moving between apps.

“I can have all six email accounts open and manage it from there, simplifying how much time I spend jumping from app to app.”

Shift is incredibly valuable to Daniel because he has multiple app accounts that need to be streamlined efficiently. As a master marketer, Daniel has a lot to manage, and so he aggregates his many apps — 1Password, Instagram, Facebook, Flipboard, Slack, Notes, and Gmail — in his Shift account. One of Daniel’s favorite productivity tips is to color coat everything — working at an agency; you must pay attention to what you're doing and who you’re doing it for.