How to Change Your Gmail signature (and Add Photos!)

When you conclude an email, it's helpful to include not only your name but also your title, company and contact information. Google allows users to easily add a personal Gmail signature to be automatically added to the end of each email. Some people even add an image or a company tagline, something to add a little of your personality to an otherwise dry email.

Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 12 Oct, 2018

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Email Signature

If you're reading this blog, you use email a crazy amount. But do you feel like you've really mastered it yet? Often, we are so caught up in the message we are trying to get across in an email, that we actually lose track of the things that matter most; sentence structure, grammar, punctuation...and email signatures! When was the last time you really looked at yours?

Devin Bonin

Marketing Associate - 05 Jun, 2017