How to Run an Effective Meeting

Ah, meetings. We all love an effective meeting. But, why is it that most meetings these days feel more like a waste of time?

Olivia Scholes

Marketing Associate - 27 Mar, 2019

Manage Multiple Calendly Logins

Scheduling a meeting is hard, let's face it. Especially these days when your team members can be spread out across the globe, sometimes dozens of hours apart. There's a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth emails, forwards, CCs, BCCs, and it's pretty easy to get burned out on the meeting before it's even been scheduled. Calendly literally takes all that away.

Olivia Scholes

Marketing Associate - 04 Jan, 2019

Calendly Notifications: Never Miss a Meeting Again!

Does it ever feel like you have more calendars than you can handle? #wefeelyou. How would you feel if we told you there's a way to help ensure that you're on top of your meeting schedule?

Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 15 Nov, 2018

The Best Resources from our App Partners: Updates to Calendly, Todoist, and Airtable

Welcome to your monthly apps resource for the latest and greatest from all our partners. Each month, we’ll be highlighting all of the most rad features and updates to keep your productivity on point.

Olivia Scholes

Marketing Associate - 18 Oct, 2018

22 New Apps To Get Your Creativity & Productivity Flowing

We live in an app-obsessed world, which makes it more important than ever to take the time to hone in on a few apps that work for you and your personal workflow. After all, apps are supposed to help you de-clutter and simplify things. Here at Shift HQ, the jury is still out on what the best apps are, but we are committed to providing our most productive customers with the choices they need to get work done faster.

Nadia Tatlow

CEO - 13 Aug, 2018