Resources to Support Racial Equity

We’ve made a promise to fight against systemic racism, and to use our voice to share the stories and work of the BIPOC community. Today, and every day we are committed to our promise.

Kelsey Lessard

Marketing Specialist - 11 Jun, 2020

How to Manage Multiple Email Accounts

We all have too many email accounts. There are email accounts for work, personal use, and even for educational institutions. This leaves us with the problem of how to manage all of these email accounts. The solution is to consolidate email accounts in one place.

Kelsey Lessard

Marketing Specialist - 28 May, 2020

Box vs Dropbox: A Comparison of File Sharing Apps

Choosing the right file sharing software is essential whether you’re working from the office or building out your remote work toolkit. Two options for the best document management solutions (DMS) for secure cloud storage aimed at teams are Box and Dropbox.

Kelsey Lessard

Marketing Specialist - 26 May, 2020

Case Study: The Entrepreneur-from-Home

Sabrina first started using Shift in 2017 to manage multiple Google accounts for her different businesses. Now, she runs three businesses across five different Google accounts through Shift.

Kelsey Lessard

Marketing Specialist - 25 May, 2020