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The PDF Tool to Save You From Headaches


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 12 Dec, 2018


Do you remember the first time you created a PDF and how good it felt? Soda PDF tool legitimately amplifies that feeling by a billion...

Although most of us know what PDFs are, if I'm not wrong, we don't actually know that PDF stands for portable document format. Well, now you do!

With PDFs, you can present just about anything. From presentation slides to flyers and tickets, PDFs are, not-so-secretly, the world's most important file format.

What is Soda PDF?

Soda PDF is PDF creator software you can use from just about anywhere.

Home? ☑️
Work? ☑️
On your daily commute? ☑️
In the bathtub? If you're careful enough to not drop your device, sure why not.

Using the cloud, you can access your PDFs from anywhere without having to download any extra software.

It's also not just about viewing PDFs, either. It's about being able to do everything you can do on the PDF itself, from electronic signatures to annotations.

How to create a PDF in Soda PDF

Creating a PDF in Soda PDF is super easy. You can create a document from scratch or a URL among other things.

Let's begin by adding Soda PDF to your Shift account.

best pdf tool online

How to add Soda PDF to Shift
1. Launch Shift
2. Click on the square plus sign to access "Add Application"
3. Search for Soda PDF
4. Hit "Save" to add

best pdf tool online 1

Creating a PDF from scratch
If you don't already have the file to work from, you'll want to start here.

1. In the furthest-left column, click "Create PDF from Blank"
2. Alternatively, navigate to the "Create" tab in the menu bar, then click "From Blank"

best pdf tool online 2

Creating a PDF of an existing file
If you're inside of Soda PDF and there's no real reason to leave, you can open the file directly from there.

1. Click the "CREATE" tab
2. Select "From Any File"
3. Click "Browse"
4. Find your file
5. Click "Open"

Soda PDF's bonus features

On top of the creation of PDFs, Soda PDF has a bunch of other neat tricks up its sleeve.

Some of the other things you can do in the application are:

  • Merge multiple documents into a single PDF
  • Convert other file types (JPG, TXT, DOCX) to PDF
  • Sign documents with your electronic signature
  • Ensure the PDF is secure
  • Compress the file into a smaller file size
  • Add watermarks to your document
  • Include fillable forms and checkboxes
  • Annotate your PDFs as much as you need

...and to say that's scratching the surface would be an understatement. Soda PDF might just be the only PDF you will need in your workstation. Try it right inside Shift today!