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Airtable Templates for a Better Workflow Management


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 04 Jan, 2019


You've been asleep for the entirety of 2018 if you haven't heard of Airtable. That's not a bad thing - now you get to learn for the first time. We're actually kinda jealous.

If you're one of the people who hasn't heard of it before, Airtable is a powerhouse of an app. Combining the best parts of spreadsheets and databases, it merges the pair together in a classy, customizable and modern manner.

You can use it for task management purposes, bookkeeping and expenses, and even project planning. Whether you need a content calendar you can actually stick to or a way to better your team's workflow, Airtable has a template for it. You can also find templates and other similar features with these Airtable alternatives.

Our 5 favorite Airtable templates

Airtable took the tech and startup world by storm in 2018 - to the point where even brands like Tesla use it.

Content Calendar

Keeping track of the content you're posting on your site or publication is essential for everyone.

Bloggers and brands can all benefit from this template that's ideal for making sure you hit those deadlines!

For: Editors, bloggers, content managers, SEOs

Social Media Calendar

Without social media, you might as well take "rank" out of your vocabulary.

Being ahead of online trends can save you time and set you up for the weeks ahead. Keep track of hashtag research and then some!

For: Social media managers, bloggers, brands

airtable templates

Event Planning

You don't have to be organizing a wedding or bachelor party to get your event planning on.

Even people who are organized need some kind of record of what they need to put together the best event possible.

This template will turn your to-dos into already-dones.

For: Startups, firms, nonprofits, social butterflies

User Research

User research is the digital version of market research - make sure you know who you're marketing to.

Ensure you have your outreach, interviews and leads all in one super fancy sheet.

For: Startups, CEOs, marketers

Customer Testimonials

If you're a seller of any kind, customer and client testimonials are going to be a huge asset.

Having a personal testimonial that endorses you and/or your product is the most effective way of landing more business.

Plus, sometimes it's pretty cool to read those positive insta comments!

For: Sellers, brands, shop owners

For every spreadsheet, there's an Airtable template.

For every Airtable account, there's Shift.