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Making Custom Discord Emojis


Olivia Scholes

Marketing Associate - 04 Jan, 2019


Can anybody remember what we did before emojis?

Emojis are now so popular, they even have their own language.

It's called Emojish and almost all of us who use the internet, regardless of age, are fluent.

Duolingo what now?

Emoji facts

  • 36% of millennials say they can communicate thoughts better with emojis and gifs than words
  • 92% of people who use the net use emojis
  • Roughly 60 billion emojis are used on Facebook PER DAY
  • Men use ? the most and women use the most (probably in exchange)
  • Trump caused a 22% rise in angry emojis on social media

Custom Discord emojis

You might need to use custom emojis on Discord for a whole host of reasons.

Some will be similar reasons to Slack, others will be like somebody picking another DPS in Overwatch and refusing to change.

Uploading a custom Discord emoji

If you're the server owner or have the manage emoji permission, you'll be able to upload your own emojis to any server!

Furthermore, for optimal emoji resolution, they can be uploaded in sizes up to 128 128 px.

1. Open Shift
2. Go to the Discord app
3. Select "Server Settings"
4. Go to "Emoji"
5. Click the "Upload Emoji" button
6. Find your file and upload

Note: Your custom emoji will only be available to use on the channel that you create it!

That said, Discord's emoji list will also sort your emojis by 'server' so you'll be able to find them easy-peasy.

How do you like them?