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Share Shift with Friends, and Get Rewarded!


Nadia Tatlow

CEO - 19 Dec, 2016


You know that feeling when you’ve just found something really good, and you’re dying to share it with your work BFF?

Of all the [insert noun of choice here] people that troll the Internet, you’ve somehow found this gleaming beacon of hope, hilarity and possibly even intelligence, out there on the interwebs - and you simply can’t get enough.Your heart skips a beat, you feel the blood rush to your face. But wait. Hold your horses. You need to both acknowledge this precious moment in time, and commemorate it.

We all know that feeling.

In fact, when your mom gets this feeling, she sends you a wacky forward or just posts to your timeline.

But imagine how your most Internet-savvy-meme-&reddit-&product-loving-friend -who-has-more-tricks-up-their-sleeve-than-David-Blaine, feels when they get this feeling?  

The fact that you’re here, still reading this means that you might just be looking for something to share with that friend.

Coworkers working next to each other.

Well, get ready, ‘cuz Shift is here to make you look like hot af, and get rewarded too!

Ladies and gents, hold onto your hats; Shift is about to get real, because you deserve to experience that feeling.

Here are the Coles notes (read Sparknotes) on how it’s going to work:

Refer 1 friend, and we will remove ‘Sent with Shift’ from your email signature.

Refer 5 friends, and we will give you an entire year of Shift Pro free.

Shift Pro, if you haven’t started your trial yet is the best of Shift, on steroids. It gives you the ability to add unlimited accounts, including Outlook, and switch between all of them like a boss.

Anywho - this is your chance.

Go for it.