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LIVE: Reset Your Productivity in 2021


Sophie Blaine

Marketing Specialist - 02 Feb, 2021


Join Shift and Leadpages for a live webinar on February 4th to learn how you can kickstart productivity using Shift

Join Michael Foucher, Shift’s Director of Product, and Bob Jenkins, the Sales and Marketing Manager at Leadpages, for an informative webinar about how to kickstart your productivity in the new year. Improving productivity levels is an ongoing goal for everyone, but often our intentions fall short. Most times, the secret to becoming more efficient is learning to stay organized and finding a tool that helps you streamline your workflow.

Shift is a desktop app that will help you reach your goals and take control of your workflow this year. In this live webinar, you’ll learn how to utilize Shift to its full potential and create a streamlined digital workspace. Aggregate your email accounts, integrate all of your favorite apps, build customized Workspaces and collaborate efficiently with your remote team. As the Director of Product, Michael is a Shift power user and will show you how to create your dream Workspace by combining the right tools with your imagination. Find your focus with Shift and exceed expectations for your productivity in 2021.

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