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Give Thanks, to Your Computer.


Madeleine Beach

Marketing Coordinator - 25 Nov, 2021


For many of us the past year and a half has shifted up all sense of normalcy. Our homes became much more than just a roof over our heads, they became our office, classroom, gym, restaurant and so much more. The piece that made it all work?  Your computer.  Your computer has given you the ability to work from home, go to class, keep up with friends and family,  find motivational workout videos, search for inspiring dinner recipes to try and so much more.

So, to my computer, thank you. Thank you for being there for me through it all, from virtual meetings, to exams, Zoom weddings and finding the ultimate Netflix series. Your computer has done alot for you this year, it is time to give thanks and give something back to it.

It is the perfect time to buy Shift for your poor computer to cut down on all those browser tabs. Shift is a productivity platform that helps you manage and optimize your workflow by allowing all your emails, favorite apps and workspaces to be all in one place.

Watch as viral Tik Tok’er @corporatenatalie exposes us all on how much blame our computers have endured since working from home.

@corporatenatalieSomeone please make me stop #corporate #workfromhome #millennial #corporatelife #fyp

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Feeling the guilt yet?  Time to buy Shift for your very deserving computer.

Here are our top 5 favorite ways to clean up your computer as a thank you!

Stop tab hoarding and slowing your computer down

Having a hoard of tabs open can cause a whole mess of problems for you and your computer. Having a collection of open tabs in your browser can slow down your computer, as each tab has its own text, images and code that run in the background consuming bandwidth. Your computer may become more sluggish, or potentially even crash. With multiple tabs open at once it is also easy to lose what you were working on. As the more tabs you have open the less you can see of each leaving you no idea which tab is which and why you needed it. As The Ultimate Guide to Tab Hoarding puts it, web browsers weren’t built for document processing and work- they were built for browsing. Shift was built to work in. Take care of your computer, download Shift, organize all those tabs, and your computer will thank you later.

Shift features that help you reduce tab hoarding:

  1. You can keep your work and personal tabs separate and organized. Shift allows you to sort tabs by account or keep them organized in a Workspace.
  2. You can organize and streamline your tabs by account or project which helps you remember why you needed it.
  3. You can easily access and store tabs and bookmarks in Workspaces. Keep important tabs on-hand and organized by workspace, then bookmark them for quick access later on.

Get all your apps on one place

Your phone has all your apps in one place, so why not your computer? Working with multiple different apps and programs ranging from professional to personal use can be a lot to manage. Add different passwords on top of that and it can become a nightmare trying to keep everything organized. Shift offers an array of features designed to optimize time efficiency and prioritize deep work. Within Shift you can securely add all of your Google and Microsoft accounts, your favorite apps and programs (we have 1500+ apps!) so that you can find them all in one place helping you stay on top of your work. With Shift you can stay logged into all of your accounts and apps, imagine all the time you could be saving by eliminating the nuisance of logging in and out of multiple accounts.

“I open my computer, I log in, I open up Shift, and that's how I manage my day. I couldn't live without Shift now.” - Nile Harris, Coach, and Consultant

Consolidate multiple emails in one place

Chances are you have more than one email ranging from personal, professional and academics. Keeping up with all those accounts can be challenging, and easy to miss something. Shift lets you set up your Google and Microsoft accounts side by side, allowing you to move between apps, even on different accounts, without entering a password or username. When you first set up Shift you will have to input your password for each account and then you don't have to worry about it again.

Shift allows you to easily toggle between your different email accounts and it has a unified search making it super fast and easy to find content within multiple accounts. This will cut down browser tabs and help your computer run smoother. This one you and your computer will thank you for.

Create folders for a more organized space

The ultimate procrastinated task: document and download file clean up. I know you don’t want to clean up your file folders on your computer...but...We Know All Too Well your computer didn’t want to watch you listen to Taylor Swift on repeat for hours last week and had to- so, time to give back. While most of us enjoy a clean, organized and logical workspace, most don’t enjoy the process of having to get there from the disaster zone. It is much easier to keep up than to start.

Start by thinking about the main tasks you do for work and personal life, create folders that coincide. For example “ Work Graphics”, “Family Photos’, “Budget 2021” and so on. Hold down the command button and select each item that relates to that title then drag them all in one go into your folder.

Clean up your desktop

How do the words “If you could quickly share your screen with us” make you feel? Are you anxiously sweating that everyone on your team is going to see your mess of a desktop? A hybrid of remote and in person work is shifting to be the new norm so get used to that phrase and clean up your desktop. Pick a neutral background and create files to keep your work, images, and screenshots in. Even if it is your personal computer a clean and organized space allows for the mind to go into a deeper workflow, tune out distractions and ultimately boost productivity.

Our computers have become our companion, our Netflix relief, truly our crutch through all of this. Stop clicking “remind me later” for that update, stop ignoring the whiiirrrrr sound and most important gift your poor computer Shift.