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Custom Keyboard Shortcuts Are Here!


Olivia Scholes

Marketing Associate - 16 Mar, 2017


Attention all Shift lovers, productivity fanatics, and efficiency enthusiasts!

Shift already supports all of your favorite Gmail and Microsoft keyboard shortcuts, and now we're taking it to the next level. Boost your productivity and reclaim hours of your day with custom keyboard shortcuts, designed just for Shift.

So long, little mouse!

Here’s a quick list of our favourites, courtesy of Michael Foucher, Director of Product (AKA, the original #ShiftBoss)     

        Unique Shift Shortcuts             Windows & Linux                    Mac

Cycle Windows Ctrl+ ` Cmd+ `
Navigate Back Ctrl+[ Cmd+[
Navigate Forward Ctrl+] Cmd+]
Navigate to Email Ctrl+1 Cmd+1
Navigate to Calendar Ctrl+2 Cmd+2
Navigate to Drive Ctrl+3 Cmd+3
Previous Mailbox Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow Alt+Cmd+Up Arrow
Next Mailbox Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow Alt+Cmd+Down Arrow
Toggle Full Screen F11 Ctrl+Command+F
Reload Page Ctrl+R Cmd+R
Previous Tab Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow Alt+Cmd+Left Arrow
Next Tab Alt+Shift+Right Arrow Alt+Cmd+Right Arrow
Zoom Mailbox In Ctrl+= Cmd+Plus
Zoom Mailbox Out Ctrl+- Cmd+-
Reset Mailbox Zoom Ctrl+0 Cmd+0


As mentioned, Shift also supports all of the regular Gmail shortcuts.  To make use of them, just make sure to enable keyboard shortcuts for Gmail in your Settings.

Here are a few of our favorites.

 Gmail  Shortcuts                      Windows& Linux                        Mac

Compose and Email c c
Reply to Email r r
Send Email Ctrl+Enter Cmd+Enter
Mark as Read Shift+i Shift+i
Mark as Unread Shift+u Shift+u