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5 Ways You Win When You Use A Unified Desktop Email Client


Nadia Tatlow

CEO - 27 Apr, 2017


Email has become something we all take for granted. Not too long ago, we used to ask people if they had an email address. Today we just assume everyone has at least one. When someone needs to get in touch with you, they’re more likely to ask you for your email address than your phone number. Many of us even prefer it that way!

The basic concept of email has never changed. The way we implement that concept, however, has gone through many stages of evolution. Where we once had a single email address and a simple personal messaging service, we now have a complicated network of apps and addresses all serving a different purpose.

As the evolution of email continues, we’re coming full circle. Tired of the chaos created by the many faces of modern email, users are again looking for a simple, single interface that will restore their power.

The key to effective email communication these days — especially for business — is consolidation. If you want to take back control and cut through the clutter, you need to get everything under one roof again. You need a solid desktop email client, like Shift, that will allow you to consolidate. Here’s why:

A Single Email Client Saves Time

If you’ve got multiple email accounts, you have to log into email service providers multiple times to check everything. With a single desktop email client, you only need to open the app and you have everything you need. You no longer need to remember multiple passwords or hop from site to site to check all your messages. Getting into your email becomes a “single click” task (phew!).

You Can Use Your Browser For Browsing

One of the most frustrating things about managing multiple email accounts is the need to keep multiple tabs or even multiple browsers open (and this is the ex-crazy tab lady speaking). With a unified email client, you can view everything in one window. You don’t have to sacrifice processing power to multiple browser tabs and you’ll never accidentally close the wrong tab again.

You Know What’s Really In Your Email Inbox

With multiple email accounts, it can be difficult to see and prioritize all your messages. Have you ever spent 15 minutes going through one email account only to realize that you had more important messages that you should have answered waiting in another account?

With a single desktop email client, you’ll be able to see the real number of messages you have waiting. You’ll also be able to prioritize the messages you need to deal with more efficiently.

You Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Using a desktop email client to consolidate your email accounts and messages doesn’t require you to give up the “access anywhere” benefits of the web-based interface that comes with Gmail, Outlook and other service providers.

When you’re out and about you’ll still be able to access important messages on other computers or devices. When you’re at your home or office, you’ll have your unified, efficient interface.

An Email Specific App Will Be More Efficient

An app designed for email on the desktop will always be more efficient than accessing email in the browser. The web browser is a general use tool, whereas an email client is designed to help with a specific task. Any productive person will tell you that a core part of success is actually having the right tool(s) for the job. Email in the browser works just fine, but there is a better tool for the job (hint, hint!).

Not convinced? Try Shift absolutely free and you’ll never want to open your email in your browser again. You’ll be able to navigate email, calendars and cloud storage drives — even on multiple providers — all in one place without the tedious logging in, logging out routine. 

You have to Shift it to believe it!