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Gmail Add Ons: Boost Your Gmail Productivity


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 29 Nov, 2018


Email can be distracting, albeit productive. But then Super Google came along to save the day with Gmail add ons to help boost your Gmail productivity.

There isn't a lot that Gmail add ons and extensions can't do. It's no shock that we're super into our extensions at Shift. I mean, they are the reason why we created Shift! Furthermore, every one of our Gmail inboxes is loaded to the brim with different extensions that make our lives (and our jobs) way easier.

Whether you want to make to-do lists or send invoices straight from Gmail, you actually can now! And while there aren't a lot of add-ons available just yet, we anticipate a host of them in the future that we can use alongside Shift.

Boost your productivity with the best Gmail add ons

box gmail add onBox
Cloud-based file-syncing storage service Box helps you to get work done while you're on the go. With Box, your entire office is at your fingertips.

gfycat gmail add onGfycat
What is work or productivity without a bit of fun? Whether you pronounce it as GIFF or JIFF, GIFs are part of our modern-day culture. Gfycat lets you create and share awesome GIFs to spice up those emails about your boss... ?

sortd gmail add onSortd
It's hard to be productive with a cluttered inbox. It's like trying to be productive at home when there's a mess all over. Sortd transforms your inbox simple, organized to-do lists.

asana gmail add onAsana
Although there are myriad project management tools on the market, Asana has been a successful option for over a decade. However big or small your team is, you can bring those big dreams to life... together!

Pod gmail add onPod
Smart calendars don't have to be complicated. Pod has cracked this myth by being a simple and smart calendar app that's completely free.

gmass gmail add onGMass
Tired of using old-fashioned mail merge to send your PR emails? With GMass, you can use Gmail to send mail merge campaigns with automatic follow-ups. You can also personalize and schedule everything.

mailtrack gmail add onMailtrack
Can you be productive if you're sitting around waiting on an email to come back to you? The answer is no. Mailtrack lets you know when your emails have been opened so you know when to send a follow-up. If you want the full functionality, check out the Mailtrack extension for Shift.

Can't decide which Gmail add ons to try? Try them ALL right inside Shift!