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Trello Power-Ups: Supercharge Your Trello Boards


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 30 Oct, 2018


Trello Power-Ups turn your Trello boards from a simple whiteboard into the perfect project management tool based on your needs. Each one of the power-ups you can enable serves to make your Trello experience even more productive. (And, to be honest, way more fun).

For just about anything you and your team might need, Trello has a power-up for it. Whether it's team communication, calendar integration, time-tracking, and even GIFs, there's almost too much choice for techies like us.

Note: You can even make your own Trello Power-Up! Pretty cool, huh?

How to enable / disable Trello power-ups

Just open up your board menu, and you'll be given a world of surprises. (Don't worry. We'll get to the stickers later).

trello power-ups

Enabling power-ups

1. Open "menu"
2. Click "power-ups"
3. Click "enable" to activate the power-ups you'd like to use

Note: You can also highlight all of the currently enabled power-ups by opening the "enabled" menu.

Disabling power-ups

1. Open "menu"
2. Click "power-ups"
3. Click the gear icon beside the enabled power-up that you would like to disable
4. Click "disable"

Our must-have Trello power-ups

Shift users always have shown their love for Trello—many even manage multiple Trello accounts in Shift! Out of the hundreds of options, here are a few favorites from our highly productive users:

The ideal power-up for successful team communication. Slack helps to boost your team's productivity by keeping them connected within the Trello app. Email? Never heard of it!

Track your time even when you forget to click, "track my time" somewhere. Project management just got a whole lot simpler with this one.

When words just aren't enough to express your thoughts, Giphy is here to solve your problem. Search for the GIF you want and click Insert. Us millennials love GIFs, after all.