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How to Sign in to Multiple Slack Workplaces at Once


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 19 Oct, 2018


Managing multiple Slack accounts can be a nightmare for freelancers, agencies and entrepreneurs that dabble in multiple companies. Since Slack has become the industry standard for internal instant messaging, if you're involved with multiple businesses, chances are you've got more than one Slack account. Logging in and out of accounts is never fun. And having multiple browsers open gets messy real quick.

You did know it was possible to sign into multiple Slack workspaces at once using one Slack account, right? If not, you aren't the only one. In fact, for those who work for a single employer, this function might not be crucial to you. However, for freelancers who work on multiple projects with multiple clients, it's plain to see why Slack is at the head of its game.

Unlike programs from way-back-when, you don't need five different accounts in order to join five different teams. Additionally, the setup process is incredibly easy within Shift or the regular Slack desktop app.

In this article we will teach you two easy ways to manage all of your Slack accounts in one place.

How to sign in to multiple Slack accounts

Follow the steps below to start switching between your Slack accounts with ease:

multiple slack workplaces shift

With Shift:

Shift is a desktop app for managing multiple Slack, email and over 1,000 of the webs top apps in one beautiful desktop app. Here's how you can easily flip back-and-forth between your Slack accounts with Shift:

1. Launch Shift then click on the plus icon to "Add Application."
2. Search and select Slack from the app directory.
3. When prompted, input the "Team Domain" and add the "Account Name"(optional).
4. Enter your e-mail and password to sign in.

Note: In Shift, you can select a color for each of your accounts - mix it up so you know which workspace to open!

multiple slack without shift

Without Slack

If you're not a Shift user, and don't need to manage your Slack accounts alongside multiple email account and your other favorite apps, don't worry... it is possible to manage all your accounts within Slack. Here's how:

1. Go to the Slack web portal or open your Slack desktop app.
2. Click your workspace name at the upper left-hand side of the app.
3. Select "Sign in to another workplace ..."
4. Enter the Slack URL of the team you want to sign in to.
5. Enter your e-mail and password to sign in.

You've learned how easy it is to jump between Slack accounts, but there are plenty of other Slack tips available on our blog. If you like learning new productivity tricks for Slack, check out our blog post on How to Use Slack More Efficiently or learn How to Format Slack Message!

Ready to manage multiple Slack workspaces better?

Now that you know how to manage all of your Slack accounts, you can take your productivity to the next level with Shift. Use Shift to manage Slack, Gmail, Google Drive, FacebookSlack, WhatsApp, Trello, and hundreds of your other favorite tools in one easy to use desktop app.