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How to Annotate Images and PDFs in Evernote


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 19 Oct, 2018


Evernote changed the game when it comes to capturing and organizing ideas. Since its humble beginnings in 2008, Evernote has continuously dominated the note-taking market. And, if you've ever used it, you already know why!

Incorporating images, PDFs and even voice notes, it's rare that you'll lose any of those genius ideas that come and go all too often. Furthermore, did you know you can also annotate images and PDFs in Evernote? Yep. Surprise!

Start annotating on Evernote

Kickstarting the annotation process is only a tiny bit different on Mac and Windows.

1. Hold ⌘ + CLICK the image/PDF.
2. Select Annotate this Image/PDF...

1. Right-click the image/PDF.
2. Select Annotate this Image/PDF...

Annotation tools

At first, it might seem like there is way too much to learn about annotating your images. We promise, there isn't. It's as easy as Pie! ?


Arrows can point out specific spots on your image/PDF.

1. Click the "Arrow" icon.
2. Drag the arrow to the spot you want to point out.

Note: The arrow will point in the direction you drag it.


Line & Shape
Lines and shapes can call attention to specific areas on your image/PDF.

1. Click the "Line & Shapes" icon.
2. Select the shape you want to use.
3. Drag it over the area you want it to be in.


Adding text to annotations goes without saying - or, more accurately, it does the saying!

1. Click the "Text" icon.
2. Select where you'd like the text to appear.
3. Type!

Note: You can also edit the text or change its format! Simply select the text you want to change to bring up the options slider.


Pen & Highlighter
Sometimes lines just don't cut it, and you really need to get in there with some freehand drawing. Enter: pen tools!

1. Click the "Pen & Highlighter" icon.
2. Select the tool you want to use.
3. Drag your mouse over the image to draw.

Note: Use the pen tool to draw freehand and the highlighter to highlight anything!


Stamps are a pretty cool way to give visual feedback to your team about an image/PDF.

1. Click the STAMP tool icon.
2. Select the stamp you want to use.
3. Click anywhere on the image/PDF.

Add text to the stamp
1. Select the stamp you'd like to add text to.
2. Click the STAMP tool text icon [a].
3. Start typing.

Note: You can add up to 16 characters in the text notes.


Add a pointer
1. Choose the stamp you want to add a pointer to.
2. Click the anchor icon [+].
3. To rotate the pointer, drag the blue dot.

And there you have it - vastly superior annotations without ever leaving Shift!