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Block Someone on LinkedIn Without Them Knowing


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 08 Nov, 2018


Blocking somebody on any platform is always nerve-racking. What if they can tell? Well, if you block someone on LinkedIn, they'll never know. Read on. Our hair is full of secrets.

Have you ever seen somebody you know posting something cringe-worthy on Facebook? I think we all have. That is kind of what Facebook is for. On the other hand, LinkedIn is a platform for professionals to build their business network.

You would think the professional characteristic of LinkedIn would prevent unwanted interactions; unfortunately, you often encounter solicitation and sometimes even harassment. Thankfully, you can block someone on LinkedIn without them realizing you ever existed.

Blocking a member from your profile

Once you've blocked someone from viewing your LinkedIn profile, you will only be able to see them on your blocked list.

Bonus? They won't receive any notification that you did it.

How to block someone on LinkedIn

how to block someone on linkedin

1. Launch Shift, and go to the LinkedIn app
1. Head to the profile of the member you want to block
2. Click "More..." (this should be below their profile picture)
3. Select "Report/Block" from the list
4. From the "What do you want to do?" pop-up window, select "Bloc0k" [member]
5. Hit "Block"

How to unblock someone

how to block someone on linkedin and unblock1. Click the "Me" icon at the top of your homepage
2. Choose "Settings & Privacy"
3. In the "Privacy tab," click "Blocking and hiding"
4. Click on the "Change" menu under "Blocking"
5. From your blocked list, find the person you want to unblock and click "Unblock"

Note: You might have to wait 48 hours before re-blocking the person you have just unblocked. Unfortunately, this means you can't do the speedy activate/deactivate your account.

If the person you blocked on LinkedIn moves the harassment to Facebook, we have you covered there too! Find out how you can block people on Facebook here.