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Best Email Management Tools to Boost your Productivity


Olivia Scholes

Marketing Associate - 04 Jan, 2019


Feeling a little unproductive around the holidays? Try some of these email management tools to boost your productivity!

Next year is going to see a huge rise in email usage. People are tired of not feeling connected to their audiences and tired of sending their email straight to junk.

Email management tools are gonna be even bigger because of this! That's why I'm pleased to say there are a bunch of handy apps accessible directly from Shift.

Email management tools to boost your productivity

Imagine a world where procrastination is a thing of the past. It sounds wild, doesn't it? But it's not impossible - not with these babies.


Essentially what it says on the cyber-tin, SaneBox is an email management tool that will cut your email time in half.

It's time to get Shift done, clean up your inbox, and feel way less stressed about it.

SaneBox integrates with IMAP services, meaning you can use it on whichever email service you're with.

Everything Google Inbox is doing? SaneBox does, too. Decluttering? On it. Snooze? You bet.

It's simple to use, it's easy to master, and you might actually head to your inbox more often.


Front allows you to manage not only your email but your socials, too.

One inbox to rule them all, as Tolkien would have written it.

A huge part of the reason we're all so disconnected these days is that there are too many communication options.

Manage thousands of emails, deal with texts without leaving your desk, and deal with the dreaded social media. Together.

Front allows your team to work together without anybody feeling overwhelmed.

For that, it's priceless.


Privacy has been made a mockery of by some of the biggest names in technology. This has also made a lot of us less likely to log into our emails - or to use them.

ProtonMail exists to serve an alternative: ACTUAL encrypted emails.

Literally, nobody else can read your emails save for you and the sender/recipient.

It works like Snapchat, with self-destruct timers that make the mail disappear after it's been read.

Although not technically a management software, knowing you can send secure mail is one heck of a safety net.

If you're looking for new year productivity? You don't need to look anywhere else but Shift.