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Shift is where work gets done

Access all of your accounts, apps, and workflows in one streamlined desktop app, designed for focus and efficiency.


Manage multiple apps & accounts

Switch between all of your favorite apps and email accounts with just one click. From Slack and Facebook to Asana, Gmail, Outlook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and thousands of others. Access everything you need, right inside Shift.

Never miss a thing

Customize your notifications and make them work for you. That means snoozing them when you want to focus or muting them entirely. With Shift, you can sync all of your notifications with your calendar to avoid annoying pop-ups in meetings or other inconvenient times.

Declutter your desktop

Shift is the browser for work. Say goodbye to logging in and out of accounts or getting lost in multiple browser tabs. Shift brings all of your email accounts, apps, and workflows together in one streamlined and beautiful platform. Shift was built to make your workflow simple and productive!

Every platform

Shift works beautifully across Windows and Mac - independent of a browser, and grouped by account. Access your personal Shift account from any desktop device, anywhere in the world!

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The people have spoken!

Shift is the #1 way productive people stay productive.

"A more efficient way to manage the multiple apps and windows that I have to use daily. The app integrations are a god send given I no longer have to keep multiple apps/windows open."

Scott Goodman Wismont Scott Goodman Wismont
Product Training Team Lead at InVisionApp

"I could not be more happy with this product. Shift was the all in one solution I was looking for - my workflow is streamlined and much easier to manage from within this one desktop app!"

Tatianna Harris Tatianna Harris
Director of Digital Marketing at Cyberry

"Love Shift. It very conveniently integrates all of the applications I use most: Slack, WhatsApp and Android Messages. Second to none, and I recommend it whenever I get the chance."

Jake Vandenbrink Jake Vandenbrink
Field Sales Manager at Citrix Systems

Productivity made simple

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