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The Best Browsers for Overall Productivity


Joanna Yuen

Marketing & Content Specialist - 15 Feb, 2024


Choosing a browser that helps with productivity is essential in today's fast-paced digital world. With the multitude of tasks and information we deal with on a daily basis, having a browser that enhances our productivity can significantly improve our efficiency and effectiveness. Have you considered how your browser is affecting your ability to get things done - and how quickly? You might be surprised to learn that the browser you’re using can inhibit - or enable - your best work.

Why you should choose a browser that prioritizes productivity

Speed and performance

A productivity-focused browser is designed to be fast and efficient, allowing you to navigate the web seamlessly. It minimizes loading times, reduces resource consumption, and provides a smooth browsing experience. By saving time on page loading and rendering, you can focus more on your work and accomplish tasks more quickly.

Tab management

One of the biggest challenges in web browsing is managing multiple tabs. A productivity-oriented browser offers advanced tab management features such as tab grouping, pinning, and suspending inactive tabs. These features help you organize your workflow, reduce clutter, and easily switch between tasks, improving your multitasking abilities.

Productivity extensions and add-ons

Many browsers offer a wide range of productivity extensions and add-ons that can enhance your browsing experience. These tools provide features like note-taking, task management, password management, ad blockers, and more. By integrating these extensions into your browser, you can streamline your workflow, increase focus, and eliminate distractions.

Customization options

A productivity-focused browser typically offers a high degree of customization, allowing you to tailor the browser to your specific needs. You can personalize the interface, choose your preferred search engine, change keyboard shortcuts, and customize privacy and security settings. This level of customization ensures that the browser adapts to your workflow and enhances your productivity.

Built-in productivity tools

Some browsers come with built-in productivity tools that go beyond standard browsing capabilities. These tools can include features like integrated note-taking, built-in task managers, calendar integration, email clients, and more. By having these tools readily available within your browser, you can streamline your workflow, eliminate the need for additional apps, and increase your overall productivity.

Security and privacy features

A productivity-focused browser understands the importance of maintaining a secure and private browsing experience. It offers robust security features such as built-in ad blockers, anti-tracking mechanisms, phishing protection, and encrypted connections. By protecting your online activities and data, you can browse the web with peace of mind and focus on your work without worrying about security threats.

Cross-platform compatibility

A browser that helps with productivity is often available across multiple platforms, including desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that you can seamlessly transition between devices and continue your work without any disruptions. It allows you to access your bookmarks, browsing history, and extensions across different devices, increasing your productivity and flexibility.

As you can see, choosing a browser that prioritizes productivity can greatly enhance your browsing experience and overall efficiency. With features such as speed and performance, advanced tab management, productivity extensions, customization options, built-in productivity tools, security and privacy features, and cross-platform compatibility, you can optimize your workflow, increase focus, and accomplish more in less time. Invest in a productivity-focused browser and unlock your full potential in the digital world.

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What Makes a Browser Great for Productivity?

How do you know if you’re using a browser that can help with productivity? How do you know if perhaps your browser is one of the reasons that you get bogged down in your digital activities day-to-day? Some browsers are better for productivity than others, but the ones who are focused on helping you get more done in less time share a few features. Look for browsers that boast the following:

  • Speed and efficiency in browsing and loading web pages. Loading web pages quickly is paramount if you want to view complete information and complete tasks quickly.
  • A wide range of extensions and add-ons to customize and enhance productivity. If you use other third-party tools, the ability to add a version of them to your browser is helpful.
  • Seamless integration with other services and platforms. Most people use multiple softwares in one day, so having them all streamlined is paramount.
  • The synchronization of bookmarks, history, and settings across devices. An omni-channel experience will help you to get more done, no matter where you are.
  • Advanced tab management features for efficient multitasking. Tabs play an essential role in website management, and being able to organize them appropriately makes things a lot easier.
  • Enhanced privacy and security measures to protect your data. In today’s hyper-digital environment, you can’t be too careful with your data. Look for browsers that put a special emphasis on keeping your information and interactions safe and secure.
  • Reader View and distraction-free reading modes for better focus. Many people use these features to have faster performance and eliminate things that don’t matter when browsing.
  • Developer-friendly tools and features for web development productivity. Some browsers put a focus on making web development simpler, and these browsers are more likely to have continuous improvement and enhancement.
  • Productivity-oriented features like task managers and note-taking tools. As we will cover in a bit, some browsers were designed with efficiency in mind, and have added tools for those purposes.
  • Regular updates and improvements to ensure a smooth and optimized browsing experience. A browser that is stagnant and has functioned in exactly the same way for a long time is not likely to keep up with modern needs.

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Our Favorite Browsers for Productivity

Now that we’ve covered just how important a browser can be to productivity - and what to look for in such a browser - we’ll explain the options that we have found to be the best.


Offering complete access to all of your online accounts, Shifts allows you to connect everything you need at a given time and present it all in one cohesive view. Using Shift’s dedicated spaces, you can keep personal things separate and only access your work-related accounts during your actual working hours. Shift connects with other apps that you’re likely to use, like Slack or WhatsApp, easily. You can also count on:

  • Centralized workspaces where you can access multiple email or other app accounts in one place.
  • Seamless account switching that allows movement between different email accounts and other apps without the burden of logging in and out every single time.
  • The ability to create custom workflows or integrate with other productivity tools like Trello.
  • Prioritized security through secure authentication protocols and encryption.
  • A personalized browser experience using different themes, layouts, and notification preferences.

Google Chrome

Since all of the Google suite is designed to complement each other and work seamlessly, using Google Chrome can be helpful if you’re a heavy Gmail or Google Docs user. It also offers one of the fastest browsing experiences and allows users to manage tabs in different ways, which can be helpful for sorting tasks and time management. Some of the most powerful features include:

  • Fast and reliable browsing experience.
  • Wide range of extensions and apps to enhance productivity.
  • Seamless integration with other Google services like Gmail, Drive, and Calendar.
  • Built-in task manager and tab grouping features for efficient multitasking.
  • Automatic syncing of bookmarks, history, and settings across devices.

Mozilla Firefox

A popular web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation, Firefox is known for speed, security, and flexibility. Though not as popular as Chrome or some other browsers, Firefox has been a staple browser for many due to its user-friendly interface and smooth browsing experience. It’s also open-source, which means that there is more transparency and ongoing community collaboration to improve experiences. Features that users enjoy are:

  • Strong focus on privacy and security.
  • Customizable interface and extensive library of add-ons for personalized productivity.
  • Enhanced performance with advanced features like tab isolation and multi-process architecture.
  • Reader View and Pocket integration for distraction-free reading.
  • Developer-friendly tools and features for web development productivity.

Microsoft Edge

Edge is the default browser for Windows 10, which offers a seamless integration with other Microsoft services. It’s also known for various productivity features that makes it a popular browser for professionals. Many people take advantage of features like built-in PDF viewers or the ability to annotate and share web pages.

  • Excellent performance and faster page loading times.
  • Built-in productivity features like Collections, which allows users to organize and save web content.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft services like Office 365 and OneDrive.
  • Immersive reader mode for distraction-free reading.
  • Enhanced privacy and security features, including tracking prevention.

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10 Tips for Productivity in Any Browser

No matter which browser you’re using, there are a few things you can do to make your browsing process more efficient. If you use your browser a lot and its performance is important to your ability to find information or get tasks done, then you may want to consider

  1. Set specific goals - Clearly define what you want to achieve online and prioritize your tasks accordingly. This will help you stay focused and avoid getting sidetracked.implementing these tips even if you’re not ready to change your browser.
  2. Minimize distractions - Remove or limit distractions that can hinder your productivity, such as social media notifications or irrelevant browser tabs. Use browser extensions or apps that block distractions to stay focused.
  3. Organize your digital workspace - Keep your online files, folders, and bookmarks well-organized. Use productivity tools like cloud storage and note-taking apps to easily access and manage your digital assets.
  4. Use keyboard shortcuts - Learn and utilize keyboard shortcuts in your browser and commonly used online tools. This will save you time and effort in navigating and executing tasks.
  5. Take regular breaks - Schedule short breaks to rest your mind and body. Use tools like Pomodoro timers to work in focused bursts with built-in break intervals. You can check out our past article on the Pomodoro technique and other time management strategies on our blog.
  6. Prioritize online security - Protect your online accounts and data by using strong, unique passwords and enabling two-factor authentication. Be cautious about clicking on suspicious links or downloading files from untrusted sources.
  7. Automate repetitive tasks - Identify tasks that can be automated and use tools like browser extensions or automation apps to streamline your workflow. This can include tasks like form filling, email sorting, or data entry.
  8. Use productivity extensions and apps - Explore and utilize productivity-focused extensions and apps that can enhance your online experience. These can include to-do list managers, time trackers, or project management tools.
  9. Practice efficient online communication - Use email filters and labels to organize your inbox, and respond to important messages promptly. Utilize online communication tools like video conferencing or chat apps for effective collaboration.
  10. Limit online multitasking - While it may seem efficient to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, it often leads to decreased productivity. Focus on one task at a time to maintain quality and efficiency in your work. This is called “mono-tasking” and has been proven to be more effective than trying to multitask. You can learn more about this technique on our blog.

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Shift: The Browser for Productivity

We might be a bit biased, but we believe Shift is the ultimate browser for productivity. That’s because it was originally designed as a productivity tool, with features meant to streamline work processes and help you to stay organized. Here are a few of the benefits of using Shift as your browser.

Improved work/life balance

This might seem like a stretch, but really, marketers or other professionals who manage multiple accounts can seriously benefit from using the Shift browser. Should you forget to toggle between accounts,  you might post to the wrong account. Or, you would need to constantly go back and forth between personal and work accounts. Using Shift’s dedicated spaces, you can keep personal things separate and only access your work-related accounts during your actual working hours. The rest of the time, it can all be out of sight, out of mind - which is ideal for professionals who want to leave work at work.

Complete access to all of your email accounts

Connect all of your Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365 accounts and manage everything from one centralized window.

The ability to use all of your favorite apps

WhatsApp, Slack, Messenger—we have everything you need to get it done. Browse our Apps Directory, connect yours, and switch between them easily.

Chrome extension connections

Use all of your favorite Chrome extensions like Boomerang, Grammarly, and so much more. You can browse our app directory to see all of the Chrome extensions that integrate with Shift.

Easier tab management

Access the web from inside Shift. Manage your tabs and organize them by account for a better browsing experience.

Expanded search capabilities

Save time and find exactly what you're looking for across any of your Mail, Calendar, and Drive accounts. This is extremely helpful for streamlining search and keeping what you need right at your fingertips.

More focused browsing with Workspaces

Create a Workspace for strictly business and another for weekend plans— with entirely separate tabs, apps, and bookmarks. Workspaces are a focused collection of platforms and accounts. Create a custom Workspace with the exact tools you need to be efficient online, including apps, extensions, bookmarks, email, and more. Workspaces allow for more collaboration and focus which makes you even more efficient online.

Shift is truly the power browser - the only browser to integrate all your web apps into one seamless online experience. If you spend time each day logging into different accounts or managing several web tabs or programs, then Shift can save you huge amounts of time. Download Shift today and see how much difference it can make in your online performance.