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Top Spotify Playlists for Getting Work Done


Nadia Tatlow

CEO - 27 Sep, 2018


Music is one of the most potent drugs on earth.

The right music can energize us, help us unwind, put us to sleep, promote creativity, change our mood, and even give us an extra dose of motivation. From a work standpoint, research has found that music aids in increasing productivity and performance,  making repetitive tasks easier and helping us escape our physical settings from time to time. That said, we went on a hunt for the best music for staying productive in your daily workload.

We narrowed our findings down to eight ready-made Spotify playlists that we know for sure will get your blood and productivity flowing—these are in no particular order.

Thank us later.

1. The Mood Booster Spotify Playlist

Ready to crank things up a notch?

Tune into this playlist for 180 minutes of pure mood-boosting vibes from Bruno Mars, Daya, DNCE and more.

2. The Sedative Playlist on Spotify

Believe it or not, listening to sedative music is linked to higher and more intentional work performance.

With a mix of non-lyrical, soothing, and melodic tunes, this sedative playlist will help keep you as calm and relaxed as you need to be throughout the workday.

3. The Pop Right Now Playlist on Spotify

Let’s face it, pop music will never go out of style.

This playlist keeps your ears up to speed on the latest and greatest pop songs out there. Filled with tunes from artists like Lady Gaga, Sia, Justin Bieber, Madonna, and Taylor Swift, this is one playlist that will never get old.

4. The Rap Caviar Playlist on Spotify

This list wouldn’t be complete without the most popular playlist currently on Spotify.

The tunes on this one will likely have you up out of your seat breaking out your best moves. And the best part about this list is that it’s continuously updated (every week to be exact), so there’s always a fresh mix of rap tunes from artists like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and The Weeknd.

5. The Safe For Work Playlist on Spotify

If you’re ready to have some quality tunes permeating throughout the speakers for the entire office to hear, this playlist is for you.

This playlist offers a variety of ‘safe’ music that’s updated daily and is sure to get everyone’s head bobbing regardless of what genre of music your coworkers prefer.

6. The Metal Essentials Playlist on Spotify

Need something hard and heavy to keep you energized throughout the day?

The metal essentials playlist will keep you awake and kicked into full gear with its variation of hardcore guitar, bass, and drum combos.

7. The Nature Sounds Playlist on Spotify

What is it about nature sounds that are so relaxing and inviting?

We can’t say for sure, but whatever it is, these tunes are usually very useful when trying to achieve complete and utter focus.

If nature sounds are your thing, this playlist will help you get things done.

The Productivity 101 Playlist on Spotify

8. The Productivity 101 Playlist on Spotify

Productivity will be a breeze once you turn on this playlist.

Whether you’re trying to get some morning motivation going or settling into a long workday, we’ve compiled a playlist that makes for the perfect addition to your workflow.

This playlist features ODESZA, Camel Power Club, and Hayden James among many other great artists.

Use Spotify Playlists to Tune into Your Productivity

Listen to your Spotify playlists in Shift for maximum productivity.

Last we checked, the cognitive and emotional benefits of music are unmatched.

So, despite whatever tasks come your way, using music to get through your work will always be a safe bet.

To streamline your tunes with your work, connect your Spotify app to your Shift Advanced account to keep your playlists in full rotation all day long.  

Never miss a beat with these productivity-promoting Spotify playlist options.