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Need a hand? Our Support Team is here to help!


Nick Pineau

Marketing Associate - 18 Apr, 2017


We’ve been busy little bees behind the scenes here at Shift, and we want you to take notice! In addition to always trying to update our loyal customers with the latest and greatest features, we’ve been revolutionizing how we respond to user support requests (NBD). With the help of our friends at HappyFox, we’ve created an online database that contains answers to customers' most commonly asked questions.

So, what do I do if I have a support question?

While Shift users tend to be both sexy and clever, there is a good chance your question has been asked before, and we want to save you from wasting valuable time waiting for a response. Next time a question pops up for you as you're using Shift, just type in your question on the homepage of the support centre and see if we already have an article on it.

Case in point: we know a lot of you desperately want Shift to support the hottest Chrome Extensions, and we’re on it! If you were to type “Does Shift support Chrome Extensions?” into our search box, voila! The answer to your question will be there, right before your eyes.

But I’m special, and my question isn’t on your support site...

You are special! And no problemo! Open up a new ticket with us and we will respond to you as quick as we can. Our wonderful Customer Success Team is hard at work answering ticket requests, so please be patient and know that we value your feedback. We promise to be in touch as soon as humanly possible!

I’m using Shift right now, and I have a question. Do I really need to go all the way to the support site to ask it?

Certainly not! At the bottom left of your Shift window, you should see a button that says “Support Centre” when you hover over it. Hit this, and it’ll take you directly to our support site in a browser.

The location of the support icon in the Shift window.

I’m smart! I found a bug in Shift!

Congratulations, friend. Send us a heads up so we know that it’s something we need to fix.

...And if you’d like to achieve ultimate #ShiftBoss status, do your due diligence, and head over to our known issues page to check if this bug has already been reported by other users. If it’s included here, it’s something our tech team knows about, and are working hard to fix.

What's new and exciting at Shift, and how do I find out about it?

We’re glad you asked! Check out our Coming Soon section to see all the latest features we are working hard on here at the Shift HQ. You can also check out our Release Notes for more on that. 

Whew! There’s a lot we’ve been working on to make the Shift user experience that much better, so we’re glad we could share it with you. As always, keep an eye on our blog to see all the latest release notes and keep up to date on any new tips and tricks we may have for you. That’s all for now - happy Shift’ing!