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Why Productive People Love Shift



Product Evangelist - 01 Aug, 2017


Just like email itself, people use Shift for many different reasons. One thing they all have in common, though, is that they all feel Shift makes them more productive.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Gmail, Outlook, Office 365 or a combination of them all. If you’re tired of switching back and forth between accounts to get sh*t done, Shift is for you.

Here are just a few ways that productive people use Shift to get more done and make their day to day routine easier.

Boosting Productivity Through Better Communication

Internal productivity is all about good internal communication. Solid, reliable communication channels between people and departments are crucial to the proper function of any business.

Although there are many choices available, Gmail remains the communication hub for the vast majority of businesses. With all of its integrated features, conversations can move from email to chat to video conferences with just a click.

While it’s easy to do all of this under one account, it can get difficult when you need to switch between multiple accounts — and that’s exactly what the majority of Gmail users need to do. Luckily, Shift takes care of this problem. Now, no matter who you need to communicate with, or communicate as, there’s no need to go through multiple logins.

As a business owner who relies heavily on all of Gmail’s functions to keep things under control within his company, Dave Boni of BOLDmeta Media said,

“Shift has made my entire company function more smoothly. We use G-Suite for email, cloud storage, calendars and document creation. Switching between our accounts used to be a huge pain. Now it’s a breeze, and we are saving loads of time!”

Elegantly Delivering The Best Of Both Worlds

Especially when it comes to digital products, design and functionality are practically inseparable. Getting the job done isn’t enough. A product has to be easy and intuitive to use. Users should be able to just pick it up and start using it. This is where Shift really shines.

Shift brings the best of both worlds. Shift takes advantage of the desktop environment to give you an efficient app while keeping the familiar Gmail interface intact. There is absolutely no learning curve. Users can load the program, connect their Gmail accounts and be off and running in a minute or less.

Tobiasz Dankiewicz, Co-Founder of Reebee Inc. had this to say,

“I love the clean experience that Shift offers - and how it leverages Gmail. I much prefer this experience to many of the dedicated desktop clients."

Sarah Doody, who works in UX design and product strategy, also praises Shift for helping her to get things done more efficiently while maintaining a familiar workflow.

“Adopting Shift has been really easy for me because it feels very similar to the way I use Slack; I can belong to multiple teams in Slack and seamlessly dip in and out of those teams as I need to throughout my day.”

Shift Apps.

Bringing It All Together Like No Other App

Shift supports Outlook and Office 365 accounts too. Shift allows you to make the most of both your Google and Microsoft accounts in one place. Best of all, no matter which platform you’re working with, you get all of the features and the native interface you’re already used to. It’s seamless, cross-platform functionality for all of your accounts.

Brian Nunnery, Social Media Program Manager for National Instruments, explains it in his own words,

“Huge kudos to the Shift team for creating an email app I can finally drive my life from. I've been searching for the perfect email app for years to manage my personal and work email accounts - I tested Nylas, Polymail, Postbox, Spark, Airmail, and literally any third party app on the market - and with every app, the loss of native functionality was a problem. Gmail users need Gmail functions, Office 365 users need Office 365 functions - what about people who need both? As a user of both, Shift makes my life easier by letting me bake my cake and eat it too: giving me the native functionality from multiple email platforms in one app. This helps me work so much more efficiently.”

Thanks Brian! We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.

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