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One Small Step for Shift, One Giant Leap For Teams


Olivia Scholes

Marketing Associate - 16 May, 2017


"Shift for Teams is everything we needed to boost our organization's productivity; it's the simplest way to yield huge results. Since we adopted Shift, we've streamlined our workflow and eliminated the multiple inbox clutter entirely. My team couldn't be happier about it."

-Alex Boone, CEO, Entrepreneur's Organization, UCSD

We’re all about productivity here at Shift; the more we can help you get sh*t done, the better. And we love hearing how our real-life Teams have adopted Shift to achieve their goals. 

Just recently, we connected with our friends at the Entrepreneur's Organization, University of California San Diego to hear how it's going for them. 

So, tell us about your organization! What exactly do you do? 

Entrepreneur's Organization (EO) is a student-run organization at UCSD, dedicated to supporting the education and growth of young entrepreneurs by providing access to the necessary resources and tools for success. The team at UCSD is made up of 25 student members.

What are some of the challenges you face? 

Comprised entirely of students, the Entrepreneur Challenge must accommodate the busy lifestyle of its members. In the life of a student, email management is just one more responsibility to add to the list. Prior to using Shift for Teams, members were resorting to a variety of 'solutions' - mainly, multiple browsers and multiple tabs.  Not ideal!

How do you use Shift for Teams at EO now?

Each day is vastly different in the world of an early-stage startup or small organization like ours, and we are juggling that alongside our academic responsibilities. Members deal with a broad range of tasks and projects throughout the day—and having the flexibility to access multiple accounts with just one click is a simple solution to a profound productivity problem we were dealing with.

There are countless times each day when members in our organization must be in communication with one another via email, and at the same time collaborating in Drive and Calendar. Shift for Teams has given us the freedom to access all of these applications within one simple, and beautifully designed application.  

Shift for Teams helps our team stay in  engaged, and brings a sense of calm to our hectic lives. It helps us stay on task, and ensure efficiency and professionalism across the organization. 

If you have an organization like ours, a company, or even a group of friends that communicates frquently via email or collaborates via Calendar or Drive, I'd highly recommend checking out Shift. It really is a beautiful thing.

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