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The Top Apps for Maximum Productivity & Focus


Nadia Tatlow

CEO - 27 Jun, 2018


Want in on a secret? When you have all of the apps that make you productive in one place, getting stuff done gets a lot easier.

That's why we've focused on making all of the most popular productivity apps accessible, without the logging in, logging out or multiple browser tab nightmare. 

PRO TIP: If you're managing multiple logins for any of your favorite apps, you can add several instances of each. When you download Shift, simply head into the Apps Directory to get started. 

As much as we love testing out new apps as they come on the market, what’s more important is narrowing down to the ones that make your workflow more effective,  and (hopefully) enjoyable.

Our goal is not to overwhelm you with options, but to help you manage the tools you determine to be most important to your daily workflow.

By integrating your personal favorites (check out the full list here), you can achieve a truly collaborative workflow and save loads of time and energy each day. 

Right now, there are over 100 apps that integrate with Shift, and that number is growing quickly. Whether you’re using Asana to coordinate your sales and marketing team or Todoist to organize your entire life, we’ve made sure that managing each app and account inside Shift is effortless.

Here are a few of the top integrations for maximizing productivity, focus, and efficiency.

Keep calm, and your team communication channels open


Connect all your most used apps to Shift for maximum productivity.

If team synergy is what you strive to achieve, then you need an integration that makes that possible. Slack is a team collaboration tool that puts you in control of how your team works and how projects are managed. Slack allows you to create separate work hubs called channels so that all parts of your project can be moving forward simultaneously. The app gives your team a personal workspace where everyone is free to exchange ideas, post status updates, and do almost anything else that equates to collaboration. And when you’re done discussing and organizing the specifics of a project with your team, you can use Shift to get all the important stuff emailed out to clients.

Adopt Slack as a productivity tool to:

Increase your productivity yield: Keep all your team to-do lists, updates, and projects in one workspace.

Coordinate projects and clients: Keep things short and sweet on Slack and save all the major details and formal communications for email.

Ready to add Slack to Shift? 

Keep productivity pumping


Constantly juggling different work priorities can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible—especially with an integration like Asana. When it’s mandatory that you spell out all the details for you and your team’s projects and to-do lists, Asana is the app for you. Asana is a task management platform that works wonders for organizing projects and priorities. You can even set up recurring tasks for your team and spread tasks across multiple projects, ensuring your team’s work is flowing and fitting at all times. And when you integrate Asana with Shift, you’ll never miss another email updating you on the status of your team’s progress.

Use Asana to:

Keep track of deliverables and deadlines: Get alerted when emails about updates and changes to your Asana workspace are delivered to your inbox.

Ready to add Shift to your Asana list?

Increase blood flow with Spotify


Who doesn’t love a good song to help keep focus while working? If you’re like us, you know that having a good playlist on repeat aids in productivity. Not only can you enjoy your favorite tunes while knocking out your to-do list, but you can keep track of newly-discovered songs in a dedicated Google Doc that’s accessible from your Shift dashboard.

With the Spotify integration, you can:

  • Jam out to your favorite playlist while getting stuff done
  • Discover new tunes that fit well with your workflow

You know what sounds good with Spotify?

Put the product in productivity


Your team might need to push out a last-minute product design that requires real-time collaboration and updates. InVision makes it possible to manage all of the back-and-forth without compromising on quality or team efficiency. Integrate InVision with Shift and go straight from design to delivery of the prototype to your client.

With the InVision integration, you can:

  • Round out the details of your best product designs
  • Seamlessly connect design projects for maximum productivity and feedback

Download Shift to add all of your Invision accounts to one!

Set the pace and keep projects flowing with Jira


Jira makes product management and issue tracking a breeze. By offering a complete set of productivity and management features, Jira keeps you and your tech team active and agile. When using the Jira app, you’ll enjoy the benefits of features like project notifications and work transitions.

With the Jira integration, you can:

  • Use real-time data to modify and improve your team’s output
  • Customize your tech team’s workflow to match productivity needs

Ready to juggle Jira more efficiently?

Grow your business’s presence and purpose on Facebook

Facebook Business Manager

If you’ve done any media buying on Facebook, chances are you’ve heard of or have used Facebook Business Manager. As a comprehensive solution to managing ads, pages, and people (e.g., account managers), Facebook Business Manager makes marketing and advertising on Facebook very simple.

With the Facebook Business Manager integration, you can:

  • Create and claim business assets
  • Create and maintain ads
  • Business awareness around business
  • Communicate with potential customers

Detox your inbox


Depending on how much you use email, unscrambling your inbox can take a full day. Luckily for you, the SaneBox app integrates seamlessly with Shift. SaneBox stays a step ahead of you by filtering your emails based on your past email activity. This way, you’re left with a digest of important emails that you can quickly get to.

Integrate SaneBox with Shift to:

Take control of your inboxes: Having both immediate access to all of your inboxes and your most important messages rounded-up for your review will catapult your productivity.

Claim your peace of mind


Shift and Todoist are the ultimate productivity pairing.

Todoist is one of those apps that make being productive all the more worth it. The app helps you organize your life and work tasks based on how they fit into your schedule. Once you integrate it with Shift, you’ll experience the convenience of progress and peace of mind at the same time.

With the Todoist integration, you can:

  • Map out and prioritize tasks and goals
  • Create visual productivity goals
  • Keep track of progress and achievements

The best news? You can try Todoist with Shift here. 

Rounding Up the Results

The results are in and Shift Advanced users love the integration options we offer for helping maximize productivity, focus, and efficiency. And don’t worry, this is only the beginning. We are constantly adding to the list of apps that are compatible with Shift.

In the meantime, the 50+ integrations available through Shift will make getting stuff organized super simple. After all, there are few greater feelings than knowing that you’re being as productive as possible.