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Set an Expiration Date with Gmail Confidential Mode


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 09 Nov, 2018


Did you know you can protect sensitive information with Gmail confidential mode? If not, get ready to feel like a secret agent. ?

Let's be honest here. Didn't we all want to be a spy at one point? On the other hand, I also don't have the energy. All that secret-keeping, martini-drinking, and diamond-stealing? I like using emojis while writing productivity tips for you guys way too much for that.

We can all agree that privacy means much more than Facebook likes to pretend it means. However, that's exactly why Gmail confidential mode is almost perfect.

Gmail confidential mode

Essentially, what confidential mode does is help to protect any information from unauthorized access. You can also set expiration dates and revoke access - think Snapchat, but useful.

Turn Gmail confidential mode on

Gmail confidential mode setup1. Launch Shift, then go to your Gmail account
2. Click "Compose"
3. Hit "Turn on confidential mode" on the bottom right-hand side of the screen
4. Set a preferred expiration date and passcode
5. Click "Save"

Note: You can enable "SMS passcode" so the recipient can request a disposable access code when opening the email.

Opening a confidential email
If you're on the receiving end of a confidential mail, there are a few differences to opening a regular email. For example, the options to copy, paste, forward and download the mail will be disabled. Additionally, you will also need a passcode to open the email, if the sender has enabled an "SMS passcode."

Gmail confidential mode open

1. Open the mail sent in confidential mode
2. Click "send passcode"
3. You will receive a text containing the access code to the identified number
4. Click "submit"

Note: If you reload your email page, you will need to resend and resubmit the passcode. Don't put your phone away just yet!

Revoke access

If you want to stop the recipient from seeing the email before its expiration date, you can take their access away.

Gmail confidential mode revoke access

1. Launch Shift to access your Gmail inbox
2. Click on "Sent" in the left column
3. Open the confidential email you want to remove access to
4. Click "Remove access"