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How You Can Save Time with Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 12 Oct, 2018


Once you learn these Gmail keyboard shortcuts, you'll cut the time you spend on Gmail in half. It's fun and easy to use these shortcuts so let's get started!

Turning on keyboard shortcuts

First, click settings on your Gmail, then scroll down to section marked "keyboard shortcuts." Turn keyboard shortcuts on, then click "save changes" at the bottom of the page.

gmail keyboard shortcuts setup

Gmail shortcuts for formatting text

Ctrl + b: BOLD

Ctrl + Shift and +: increase text size

Ctrl + Shift + - : decrease text size

Ctrl + u : underline text

Ctrl + Shift + 7: numbers a list

Ctrl + Shift + 8: bullets a list

Ctrl + \: removes formatting

"Go To" shortcuts for Gmail

g + i: go to inbox

g + t: go to sent messages

g + a: go to all mail

g + k: go to tasks

g + s: go to starred conversations

Gmail shortcuts to "Select"

* + t: select unstarred conversations

* + s: select starred conversations

* + a: select all conversations

* + r: select only "read" conversations

* + u: select only "unread" conversations

Miscellaneous Gmail shortcuts

\: search mail

d: compose in new tab

c: compose

g: search chat contacts

?: keyboard shortcut help

Customize keyboard shortcuts

Custom gmail keyboard shortcuts

1. While in Gmail, click "settings" tab at top right

2. Go to the "advanced" tab and click "keyboard shortcuts"

3. Click "enable" and save changes

4. The "keyboard shortcuts" tab will appear in the settings menu

5. Set desired keyboard combinations as shortcuts

6. Save changes and test them out!