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Delegate Your Contacts in Google Contacts Manager


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 11 Dec, 2018


Have you ever needed to share your contacts for an organization or work project? By delegating your contacts in the Google Contacts manager, you can do just that. With G Suite and Shift, you can spend less time organizing your Google Contacts and spend more time being productive.

Giving another Google user access to your contacts could be something you do for a variety of reasons. Often, delegating contacts is a perfect way to share your contacts with your virtual assistant or teammates.

By delegating your contacts, these users can add and update your contacts with further information. For example, if your contact has an extra phone number or a work address as well as a personal one.

Delegate your contacts to another user

google contacts delegate

1. Open your work/organization G Suite account in Shift
2. Go to "Google Services" in the top right corner
3. Click "Contacts" to access your G Suite Contacts Manager
4. Click the three lines icon in the top left corner to access your"Menu"
5. Open the "More" drop-down menu then click "Delegate access"
6. In the "Invite people" box, type in the name or email address
7. Click "Send"

The invited users will now have access to your contacts.

Managing contacts delegated to you

google contacts delegation

Here is how to access contacts someone has delegated to you to manage:

1. Launch Shift to access your G Suite account
2. Go to "Contacts"
3. Open the "Menu"
4. Click "Delegated contacts"
5. Then, click the name of the person who delegated their contacts to you
6. You should now be able to see and edit their contacts

Note: To delegate your contacts, both you and your delegate need to be within the same G Suite organization.

It's also worth noting that doing this won't give your delegate access to your email. However, if that's something you also want, check out our guide on Gmail delegation here!