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Case Study: The Entrepreneur-from-Home


Kelsey Lessard

Marketing Specialist - 25 May, 2020


How Sabrina Chammas Doumet is managing it all

Sabrina is the creator, owner, and creative director of L’Atelier coworking space in Vancouver, the productivity planner The Focus Journal, and the Tiidii Living lifestyle brand. Running just one business is hard. Running three businesses while also being a working mom is a Herculean task. But it’s a task that becomes manageable when the right tools are used.

Sabrina first started using Shift in 2017 to manage multiple Google accounts for her different businesses. Now, she runs three businesses across five different Google accounts through Shift.

“I immediately saw the value in using Shift as it made me work more efficiently and I could access documents that I needed much quicker.”


Before founding L’Atelier, Sabrina worked as a film producer and production coordinator on video projects and documentaries. But working as a freelance video maker came with its challenges. Without a dedicated office, Sabrina had to work in coffee shops or other public spaces that weren’t conducive to productivity. That struggle to find a workspace inspired Sabrina to create L’Atelier Coworking in Vancouver in 2015. Today, Sabrina is a working mom juggling Zoom calls with play time, and she’s had to find ways to streamline her workflow to focus on what’s really important.

In 2017 Sabrina launched The Focus Journal on Kickstarter — a critical moment of expansion for her brand. As Sabrina says, “managing different brands means managing different Google, CRM, and social media accounts and utilizing a plethora of productivity apps.” For Sabrina, downloading Shift was a turning point for managing it all in her day-to-day workflow. All of the accounts and apps were no longer scattered across open tabs and windows. Sabrina realized that, “less tabs means a neater digital interface.” The results were that she could more easily handle the interruptions and multitasking that come with being a working parent. By opening external links directly within Shift, and adding extensions and compatible apps, Sabrina has been able to streamline her workflow.

“less tabs means a neater digital interface”

A streamlined workflow is especially important for working parents who also run their own business. If all the work that needs to get done during the day actually gets done during the day, then working parents and small-business owners can enjoy a better work-life balance. That balance may simply come in the ability to multitask effectively. As Sabrina says, “I get interrupted a lot, which is why having an organized workflow and interface is extremely important and I use multiple productivity apps and tools to make it all happen.” For her, the best interface to make that all happen is Shift.

Sabrina’s favourite apps to add are the suite of Google services including Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, and Youtube. Accessing these within Shift has been helpful for launching her new Tiidii Living Youtube channel. Sabrina also uses Shift to manage Slack, MailChimp, Asana, Shopify, Zoom, Dropbox, and WhatsApp along with five Gmail accounts all in one place.

Sabrina is on a mission to help others optimize their businesses and personal lives through organization and productivity. Via L’Atelier coworking space, The Focus Journal, and Tiidii Living, Sabrina provides the space, tools, and information needed to optimize workflow. In turn, Shift brings organization and productivity to Sabrina’s everyday workflow by de-cluttering her desktop workstation and bringing together all of her tools. By offering a simple solution to digital clutter, Shift helps Sabrina run three businesses all while managing the demands of being a working parent. What could you do with Shift?

Sabrina's Shift set up