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Top 5 Slack Bots You Should Install Now


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 24 Oct, 2018


What did we do, as remote workers, before Slack? The answer is simple, and it's one that even a decade ago would have been a team's only option. That answer was doing everything by hand and all communication in person - that is, unless you were privy to something called a "fax machine"...

Slack has taken the corporate world by storm, allowing more freedom inside of conventional jobs and connection for the unconventional.

In addition, the platform also offers an array of bots that can act as virtual personal assistants. These bots can also do just about anything without you ever having to leave Slack.

Top 5 Slack bots you should install now

If you don't know about it already from using it every day in Shift, Trello is the visual collaboration tool of your dreams. Harness the power of creativity by collaborating with your team using boards and cards!

Polly want some quick feedback? With Polly, you can create polls and surveys for your teammates in seconds. Simply use /, and you'll get all your insights directly to you in Slack!

slack bots polly in shift

Tired of having to do your time tracking manually? Forget about it! Nikabot asks your team one question a day, then uses that information to build your reports for you.

Project management has never been easier than with Teamline. Teamline allows you to turn your conversations into tasks and todos, eliminating the need for any other software. All this with the typing of a shortcut.

slack bots teamline in shift

Building a connection is at the heart of marketing. Indemandly helps to keep the conversation flowing, which then helps your business to grow. Indemandly provides real-time notifications, making replying to customers a total breeze!

Note: Slack bots do not carry over across multiple workplaces. Launch your Shift client with multiple Slack workplaces and Make sure you install the bots you want on each one of them!