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Facebook Marketplace: a Guide for Beginners


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 29 Oct, 2018


Facebook Marketplace came out of a place of necessity. It was a corner in the market that nobody else really explored yet - not Craigslist, not eBay. Facebook has what those sites don't have: connection.

Buying and selling via Facebook was an activity that got its start in Facebook Messenger and Groups. Friends would sell to friends-of-friends, families would sell to other relatives. From there, the Facebook Marketplace was born. You can now find just what you needed from the members of your community.

Accessing the marketplace

Getting into Facebook Marketplace couldn't be easier. If it was, we might all feel quite lazy.

1. Open Shift, then go to the Facebook account you want to buy/sell from. If you don't already have your Facebook account on Shift, you can download Shift here or go to the web version of Facebook.
2. Locate the "Marketplace" menu under your "News Feed" and "Messenger."
3. Shop 'til you drop. (or sell 'til you something-that-rhymes-with-sell!)

How to list an item on Facebook Marketplace

Listing your old items on Facebook Marketplace will make eBay look as outdated as AOL Mail.

facebook marketplace listing

1. Enter the product name and the price.
2. Confirm your location details.
3. Select a category.
4. Add a description and photos to the listing. (optional)

Once the item is posted, anyone in your area can contact you about the item. From there, you can arrange a meeting or a pick-up all through the Messenger.

Discovering items near you

By default, the Marketplace will show you offers from places close to your location. When or if you find something interesting you want, you're just seconds from making it yours!

1. Tap the image for more details from the seller.
2. Send the seller a direct message.
3. Tell them you're interested and make an offer on the item.

The marketplace is 100% user-organized and based. Facebook has nothing to do with the trading, and this is why communication is crucial.

Facebook is continuously introducing new AI features and advancements to its Marketplace. Who knows, maybe your Facebook Marketplace items will be delivered by drones soon?