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Best Platforms to Find Freelance Jobs


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 17 Dec, 2018


There's no job on earth that grants more freedom than being a freelancer—but what's the best platform to get started?

We can't lie: Being a digital nomad is the best. That said, it's not always the easiest job in the world. It requires a lot of willpower, tons of work behind the scenes, and the right tools to keep you productive like Shift.

As hard as being a freelancer can also be, it's also worth all of the toughing it out. It's worth the time spent creating invoices and the chasing up of clients.

Luckily, there are platforms for freelancers out there that can help you kickstart your freelancing career. Let's go over three of the most popular platforms and find out which one is for you!

Freelance platforms comparison

We're now going to compare three freelance platforms you can use via Shift. Because why not start the new year with more freedom than ever before?

Although there are several freelance platforms out there, the following three seem to get lots of loves from Shift users: Fiverr, Upwork, and CrowdContent.

Fiverr allows freelancers to post the talents they're offering. This way, buyers get to search for who they think the best person is for the job.

freelance platform - fiverr

  • Pros: Award-winning, invoicing service, star-based ratings, private communication
  • Cons: Hard to get first few gigs, low income (it is called Fiverr for a reason), transaction costs, no outside communication

Upwork, on the other hand, is more in the vein of a content mill. Formerly known as Elance, it's one of the best out there and quite easy to kickstart your freelance career.

freelance platform - upwork

  • Pros: It's been around FOREVER, excellent customer service, secure, flexible hourly or fixed rates
  • Cons: 10% transaction rates, limited connects, essentially a freemium model, a client's market

One of the best paying freelance sites out there, CrowdContent serves to connect writers with companies who need writers. In some cases, this even goes on to work outside of the platform.

freelance platform - crowdcontent

  • Pros: Some of the higher rates-per-word on Freelance sites, easy-to-use website, excellent customer service, invested in its writers' privacy, pays on time,
  • Cons: Rating system dependant—just make sure you're producing quality content, smaller market as the platform is still growing


freelance platform - all three in shift

Whichever freelance platform you end of going with, you can manage all three at once in Shift. Just imagine not having to have all sites open in your browser and getting notified when your freelance job comes in.

Yep - that's Shift for you.