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Deleting a Trello Board (and When Not to)


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 07 Nov, 2018


Sometimes, it proves difficult to get your Trello board looking the way you want it to. We've all been there - even us. (You don't think it's easy for us to collect our favorite GIFs without a Trello board, do you?) Maybe the labels aren't working out, or your teammates ignored the layout of the board you have created. Either way, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to start over.

Deleting a Trello board

Before starting the deletion process, you have to close the board. Doing this is relatively easy- it basically mirrors how to archive cards and such. Deleting a board is also a permanent thing, so if you're unsure as to whether or not you'd still like to use it, it's probably best to keep the board in a "closed" status for now. Then you can decide later if you would like to reopen or permanently delete it.


Closing a Trello board

trello board close

1. Launch Shift and go to the Trello account you want to make changes to
2. Open the board menu by clicking on "show menu" in the top right
3. Click the "More" button to expand the menu
4. Click "Close Board..."

Note: Only board admins can close the boards. It's just easier that way - particularly for those of us with control issues!


Seeing closed boards
Closing a board will also make it disappear from the list of boards. However, you can still find it hidden in the "closed boards" menu.

trello seeing closed boards

1. Click "boards" in the top left corner to access your board menu
2. Click "See closed boards..."

If you'd like to reopen the closed board, just locate the board you want to reopen in the list of close ones and click "Re-open."


How to delete a board
If you're confident you're never going to use the board again, it's safe to delete it. Just remember: deleted boards cannot be recovered, so only do this if you're done with it for sure.

deleting a trello board

1. Open the "Closed boards" list
2. Find the board you want to delete
3. Click the red "Delete button" (beside the Re-Open button)

Wasn't that too easy? Now that you have the basics down, you should try out some fancy Trello tricks like power-ups!