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The Best To-Do List Apps to Help You Plan for 2019


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 18 Dec, 2018


Attention fellow Shiftizens, the new year is speedily creeping up on us. Don't you think it's time you looked into to do list apps to help you plan for 2019?

One of the most exhausting factors of a new year is getting all your plans in order. However, what if we told you that these to-do-list apps could make task management a breeze?

Don't believe us? You will once you give one of these applications a go. After all, there's a to-do list app for everyone - you just have to find the right one.

To do list apps to help you plan for 2019


If you're ready to make 2019 your most productive year yet, ClickUp might be the app for you. This cloud-based collaboration project combines everything great about Trello and Todoist and gives them just a little more edge.

best to do list app 2019 - clickupStandout features:
- Intuitive layout and UI
- Easy-to-use
- Lots of customization options
- Amazing customer service
- FREE with all features included


Todoist is the most popular task management app out there. It's loaded with tons of planning-specific features to make your life so much easier.

best to do list app 2019 - todoist

Standout features:
- Minimalist interface
- Easy to set up and use
- Integrates effortlessly with existing software
- Has a vacation mode
- Mobile apps available = smooth handoffs


Using Wunderlist can keep you focused and organized. It can also help you to spend less time procrastinating and more time doing what you're supposed to be doing.

best to do list app 2019 - wunderlist

Standout features:
- Activity tracking
- Collaborative workspaces
- Easy-to-use
- Straightforward
- Efficient and user-friendly


Yet another incredibly simple and effective time management service created to make your life easier, TickTick is a day planner that stands out.

best to do list app 2019 - ticktick

Standout features:
- Lightweight
- Google Calendar integration
- Minimalistic
- Easy-to-use
- Include up-to-five tags

Organize all of your tasks, lists, and projects in one clean and simple app that picks up where stock calendars leave off. focuses on making to-do lists manageable and straightforward.

best to do list app 2019 -

Standout features:
- Simple and nice design
- Intelligent and intuitive interface
- All lists in one place
- Extensive customization
- Cross-platform integration

Google Keep

Google rarely lets anyone down, and the same goes for its note-taking service, Keep. Although one of its lesser-known services, it allows you to capture notes and share them with anyone who has a Google account.

best to do list app 2019 - google keep

Standout features:
- It's free
- Has a Chrome extension that can be used offline
- Basic and lightweight

Are the number of choices overwhelming you? Don't worry, you can try them all right inside Shift until you find the perfect task management app for you!

Whichever one(or many) you go with, you'll be able to use them in Shift and keep your calendar, inbox, project management software et al. in one place.