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What Are The Best Password Managers?


Kelsey Lessard

Marketing Specialist - 11 Dec, 2020


Why you need a password manager

The average person has so many different accounts that it’s impossible to remember secure passwords for all of them. A password manager makes it easier to use secure passwords for each of your accounts without having to remember those passwords. 

The security risks of not using a password manager

Weak passwords make it easier for hackers to gain access to your account. Plus, reusing the same password more than once makes it easier for a hacker to gain access to multiple accounts once they’ve obtained only one of your passwords. Simply put, not using a password manager puts all of your sensitive information at risk. Luckily, it’s easy to set up a password manager. We put together a list of the best password managers to use to keep your accounts safe. 


Bitwarden is an open source password manager. It has Android, iOS, and desktop apps which means you can use Bitwarden across all your devices. Plus, it also runs in the browser and is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Linux, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, and Tor. Passwords in Bitwarden are secured with end-to-end encryption to keep your personal information as secure as possible. 

Bitwarden personal pricing plans and features:

  • Free Account – The core features of Bitwarden are free for anyone to use including synced password and a secure password generator.
  • Premium Features ($10 per year) – Boost your Bitwarden experience with 1 GB of encrypted storage and two-step login.
  • Family Sharing ($40 per year) – Includes premium features for up to six users along with priority customer support. 

Bitwarden business pricing plans and features:

  • Free Organization – Share passwords between up to two different users.
  • Teams ($3 per user per month) – The best plan for most small businesses, Bitwarden Teams includes sharing across entire organizations along with API access.
  • Enterprise ($5 per user per month) – For businesses that need the highest level of security, Enterprise includes SSO Authentication via SAML 2.0 and a self-host option. 



According to Keeper, 81% of password breaches are due to using a weak password. The security and encryption platform Keeper can help prevent that from happening by storing your password in a secure, encrypted vault that only you can access. You can access Keeper on any device to ensure you can use secure passwords on every account. Keeper is available as a desktop app or as a browser extension with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Opera. 

Keeper personal pricing plans and features:

  • Keeper Unlimited ($2.91 per month) OR Family version ($6.24 per month) – Store an unlimited number of passwords securely. Plus, Keeper will automatically generate strong passwords for you. The Family version comes with five private vaults.
  • Keeper plusbundle ($4.87 per month) OR Family version ($8.62 per month) – For additionally secure, gain access to dark web monitoring for password breaches and secure file storage with the plusbundle.
  • Keeper maxbundle ($6.01 per month) OR Family version ($12.39 per month) – If you want a secure method of text messages as well as a password manager, consider the maxbundle which comes with access to KeeperChat. 

Keeper business pricing plans and features:

  • Keeper Business ($3.75 per user per month) – This plan includes basic security features such as two-factor authentication, individual user vaults, and team admin management.
  • Keeper Enterprise ($5 per user per month) – For companies that need additional security, the Entreprise plan also includes single sign-on (SAML 2.0) authentication, advanced two-factor authentication, and access to developer APIs. 

Keeper also offers 50% off for students. 



LastPass securely stores all your passwords in a vault that you can access with your master password. Since your passwords are encrypted on your device itself, your passwords are never sent to LastPass’s servers. Meaning, no one can access your passwords by hacking LastPass’s servers. You can download LastPass as either an Android, iOS, or desktop app. Or, you can use LastPass as a browser extension with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Edge. 

LastPass personal pricing plan and features:

  • Free – LastPass offers their basic password management features for free including automatically generated passwords stored in a secure vault. Your passwords will also sync across all devices and even autofill.
  • Premium ($3 per month) – The Premium version comes with extra features like dark web monitoring, priority tech support, and 1 GB of encrypted file storage.
  • Families ($4 per month) – The Families plan includes Premium features but for up to six different users so your entire family can stay secure using LastPass. 

LastPass business pricing plan and features:

  • MFA ($3 per user per month) – MFA, or multi-factor authentication, allows users to sign into accounts without a password. Instead, MFA uses biometric and contextual factors to make employee logins both faster and more secure.
  • Teams ($4 per user per month) – For small businesses of 50 people or less, LastPass Teams is the best solution. Teams also stores Wifi password and software licenses in addition to website and app logins.
  • Enterprise ($6 per user per month) – The best option for large companies, Enterprise lets you add an unlimited number of users. It also features single sign-on capability to make logging in as easy as possible for your whole team.
  • Identity ($8 per user per month) – Identity combines the features of MFA and Enterprise to provide the highest level of security for your business.



1Password stores all your passwords which you can access with one Master Password. One of the benefits of 1Password is that you can store documents in addition to passwords. Plus, the Watchtower feature lets you know which of your passwords aren’t secure and don’t use two-factor authentication. 1Password is available on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave as a browser extension. You can download 1Password on macOS, Windows, Linux, Command Line, Chrome OS, or as a mobile app for iOS and Android.   

1Password personal pricing plan and features:

  • 1Password ($2.99 per month) – Safety store unlimited passwords and up to 1GB of documents on an unlimited number of devices with a basic 1Password account. You also get two-factor authentication and the Travel Mode feature which lets you temporarily remove data from your devices while crossing borders.
  • 1Password Families ($4.99 per month) – The Families plan includes all the features of the basic plan for up to five different users. It also lets you share passwords and you can help recover a family member’s account if they ever get locked out. 

1Password business pricing plan and features:

  • Teams ($3.99 per user per month) – The Teams plan includes all of the features of a basic account plus 1 GB of document storage per user. It also includes administrative controls so that you can manage permissions for everyone in your company. Plus, it includes the ability to create five different guest accounts.
  • Business ($7.99 per user per month) – The Business comes with twenty different guest accounts and 5 GB of document storage per user. Security controls are also customizable so your business has the highest levels of protection. As a bonus, every user also gets a free family account.
  • Enterprise (custom pricing) – With an account manager, an onboard engineer, and dedicated setup training, the enterprise plan is the best option for large businesses with complex security needs.



What makes Dashlane unique is that it generates unique, randomized passwords for all of your accounts. Plus, it saves those passwords and autofills them for you. This ensures all of your accounts are protected by secure passwords that you don’t have to remember. And yes, Dashlane works with an unlimited number of passwords and accounts. Plus, it syncs across all of your devices and works on a wide range of platforms. Dashlane works on iOS and Android; as a Chrome extension; a web app for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Edge; and as a desktop app on macOS or Windows.  

Dashlane personal pricing plan and features:

  • Free – The free version of Dashlane includes up to 50 passwords on one device. It also offers two-factor authentication and autofills your payment information to save you time.
  • Premium ($3.33 per month) – If you need more than what the free version of Dashlane offers, the Premium plan offers unlimited passwords on unlimited devices. It also provides a VPN to use with public WiFi that may not be secure.
  • Premium Family ($4.99 per month) – The Premium Family plan includes everything in the Premium plan but for up to six different users which makes it an excellent deal to keep your whole family secure online from unsavory types. 

Dashlane business pricing plan and features:

  • Team ($5 per user per month) – To keep all of the logins and passwords that your business uses secure, Dashlane Teams includes two-factor authentication, an admin dashboard, a VPN for public WiFi, and secure group password sharing.
  • Business ($8 per user per month) – If your company requires additional security, you can get the Business plan which adds on SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. In addition, everyone on your team will also get a free Premium Family plan. 



RoboForm can securely manage all your passwords as an individual, family, or business. It will automatically save passwords from your browser without having to manually input them. It will also sync your passwords across your devices. RoboForm works on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and on all major browsers including Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.  

RoboForm personal pricing plan and features:

  • Free – The free version of RoboForm includes unlimited logins, autofill, and a password generator. It also features the ability to store links to websites securely as Bookmarks.
  • Everywhere ($23.88 per year) – The Everywhere plan allows you to sync your data across devices and also enables two-factor authentication. It also includes a backup of all your account data.
  • Everywhere Family Plan (47.76 per year) – The Everywhere Family Plan includes all the features of the Everywhere plan but for up to five different users. It also allows you to securely share logins which is useful for shared accounts. 

RoboForm business pricing plan and features:

  • Business ($33.95–$25.95 per user per year depending on company size) – RoboForm Business includes all of the benefits of an Everywhere plan but also allows everyone on your team to securely share passwords.
  • Site Licensing – For businesses larger than 1000 people, contact RoboForm for a customized quote and a dedicated account manager. 


How to manage your passwords in Shift

Shift has an integrated password manager that allows you to import and save all your passwords directly within Shift. You can even set your password to either autofill or auto-login to save even more time. If you wanted to get started with setting up your password manager in Shift, download Shift now.

How to import saved passwords into Shift

You can import saved passwords into Shift from Chrome and many of your favorite password managers including LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, and RoboForm. To import passwords into Shift, follow the step-by-step guidelines found in our Knowledge Base.