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5 E-Learning Sites You Need to Try!


Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 20 Nov, 2018


Who needs school when you have access to so many courses from right there on your couch?

Okay, so school is needed, but why should kids get all the fun? With ever-mounting loans and having to fight to get into your chosen college, e-learning sites are basically a Godsend right now.

As well as being able to learn anything from moral ethics to how to play the trumpet, there's literally something for everyone. AND you won't have to choose between your favorite subjects - learn them all right inside Shift!

Here are five of our favorite e-learning sites:

5 E-learning sites you need to check out

With thousands of courses from the world's top universities, Coursera is one of the coolest e-learning platforms ever.

Learn: Paleobiology, Criminal Law, Neuroscience

Kids these days learn to code in school, but you can from home - for free!

Learn: Web Development, Programming, Data Science ‍

More than 40,000 courses brought to you by experts from all over the world. As soon as you buy a course, it's yours forever.

Learn: Forensic Psychology, Game Design, Educational Development ‍

khan academy e-learningKhan Academy
Providing free, world-class education for absolutely anyone? Forever? Sign me up.

Learn: Calculus, Organic Chemistry, World History

edx e learningedX
Flexible learning on your schedule, with university-level courses across tons of disciplines.

Learn: Ethics, Cybersecurity, Literature

The best part of all of this is you can access them directly from Shift! Also, we are expanding the list of online learning apps with every release, so make sure to check out our list for the latest additions!