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We’re rethinking the modern browser to bring everything you do online together.

About Us

A new generation

We don’t use the internet for a simple search anymore. Every day, we juggle apps, hundreds of tabs, and multiple accounts—but big browsers haven’t changed. That was a sure sign we could build something better.

New Generation

Shift is a more efficient, seamless online experience

Shift brings it all together

We built a browser that integrates all your web apps and digital tools, creating a seamless environment that connects everything you do online. We’re powering a deeper, richer, online experience, and Shift is only getting started.


Who we are

Developers, designers, and browser enthusiasts. We enjoy creating software that’s the first of its kind because that’s how we make the biggest impact.


Where we’re going

Exciting challenges lie ahead — and the future is right in front of us. We take a people-first, collaborative approach in constantly expanding and evolving what a browser is capable of.

We’ll keep dreaming big and tackling challenges creatively to always bring you a better browser.


Things we’re proud of


1500+ integrations.

We support all of your favorite apps, right inside Shift.

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Reach in 162 countries.

People all over the world rely on Shift to streamline their browsing.


8+ hours of flow

Our customers use Shift all day, every day; it's the first app they open, and the last one they close.

Productive Teams

100% one of a kind

Shift is the first and only browser in the world that is capable of integrating web apps.

Our customers love Shift


Sailaja N. J.


Using shift has been amazing. It is seamless in its design and allows me to manage multiple inboxes.


Emily C.


I have been using shift for about 6 months and I love it. I love that I can have multiple accounts logged in for most of the apps that I use. This allows me to easily move between my multiple business accounts and personal accounts. It also allows me to focus when I am doing specific tasks by not needing to have a browser window open and getting distracted. Would highly recommend for those that run multiple profiles.


Dennon C.


As part of my Digital Marketing business, I look after many client social and email accounts. Accessing each different GMail or Social Media channel was becoming quite hectic while scaling. Signing in and out of each was a hassle, especially when needing to cross-reference information. Now that I've been using Shift, I've effectively decreased my workload by up to an hour each day - that's a whole work day each week! I have Shift running constantly, rarely having to leave as all I need for my work tasks are located as integrations. Thank you for creating such a great product!


Rob M.


Shift is easily one of the best $149 I have ever spent on my business. If you are a business owner or a solopreneur this app is a must have. You have all your most important apps in one easy location. If I can I would give this 10 stars!!!


Kees V. L.


My company is also a G-Suite reseller and we're using multiple G-suite email accounts, different messaging channels and productivity tools als Dropbox. Before using Shift it all took a Chrome-tab in the browser what will cause some pretty load on workstations and worked not optimal (sometimes + 10 tabs open for just productivity). Here is where Shift comes in: all communication bundled in one, handy app! Switching between accounts as ease and very clear notifications for each source. Using it for 7 G-suite/Gmail accounts, Dropbox, Telegram, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp. I'm in!


William W.


Shift has streamlined my workflow. love that you can access email, calendar and google drive from one screen. I also love that I can have multiple accounts active at the same time.


Tosha W.


I love Shift and tell everyone I can about it!


Michael D.


Organizes multiple web-based software apps/services in one location.


Akshay A.


Shift has helped me unify my many Gmail accounts, which, as a consultant, is super useful. I also like that it includes plenty of integrations, which make it so I can keep everything separate.


Jared C.


I enjoy having a centrally located place for my individual email accounts on my desktop. I also like the ability to add extensions and apps. Customer support is very willing to help too!


Patrick H.


It's super fast to find content from multiple accounts via the unified search interface. The integration of Google Drive and Calendar makes switching between different services a breeze.

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