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Shift The Way You Protect Your Car

Shift protection plans safeguard your wallet and keep your car feeling as fresh as the day you bought it by covering unexpected, out-of-pocket repair costs.

Shift Protection Keeps The Joy in Your Ride

For a few extra dollars a month (~$2/day for most drivers), safeguard your car and bank account with a level of coverage that rivals the original manufacturer warranty. The most you pay at the shop is a small deductible – a tiny fraction of what you’d owe after just one breakdown without it. We even have your back before a breakdown ever happens.

Every Plan Comes Standard With

24/7 Roadside Assistance & Free Towing

Towing to any ASE-certified facility within 150 miles

Flat Tire Change

Get help fixing your flat or a lift to the shop when your donut won’t do

Key Lockout

Get reimbursed when you need a locksmith to save you from a lockout jam

Battery Jump

A technician will help jump your car if your battery dies

Rental Reimbursement

We’ll cover your rental while your car’s in the shop

Emergency Fuel

Get a boost of gas to make it to the next pump

Types of Coverage

Vehicle Protection Plan

Think of this like a second new car warranty, but better. Our vehicle protection plans keep your car and your wallet purring with coverage for a wide range of mechanical and electrical repairs. This includes parts and labor for jobs that range from the everyday to the hopefully-never.

View a brochure for more information on what’s covered.

Convenience Package

Beauty is more than paint-deep. Our Convenience Package covers repairs to your vehicle’s exterior, interior, windows, keys and more. Enjoy protection from hazards that can hurt performance from the ground up and impact your resale value down the road.

View a brochure for more information on what’s covered.

Gap Coverage

Let’s say your car gets totaled or stolen but you still owe $20,000.* Your insurance will only pay for your car’s wholesale value – about $15,000. That means, you still owe $5,000. Gap coverage takes care of that difference and insurance deductibles of up to $1000. That way, you won’t be stuck paying off a car you no longer have.

View a brochure for more information on what’s covered.

*Example estimates only. Actual numbers may vary.


Rest easy knowing where your vehicle is at all times. RecovR puts wireless theft protection in the palm of your hand. Easily track down your car on your phone, share the location with law enforcement, and even get a discount on your insurance rate (if offered by your insurer).

View recovermycar.com for more information on what’s covered.


"I bought my car for the navigation, but when it stopped working, I felt lost. But, my protection plan helped me get it fixed quickly, and saved me almost two grand."

Lyndy W.

Vehicle Protection plan owner

How to Actually Use Your Coverage

To find your coverage details and roadside assistance phone number, go to shift.com/fi/ownership. Shift ownership protection lets you stay with the shop you trust, so here’s what to do when a breakdown happens.


Call our 24/7 Roadside Assistance (included free) to tow your car to your shop.


Let your mechanic know you have coverage with us.


We’ll then handle the rest. You just pay a small $100 deductible (at most).


Bye-bye, nasty repair bill. Hello, peace of mind.

Fast-Track Your Financing

Our financing and protection plans go together like road trips and chips.

Learn About Shift Financing


Are there any exclusions that I should know about?

Our plans don’t typically cover normal wear & tear and maintenance services like spark plugs, batteries, filters, lubricants, hoses and belts, wiper blades, and brake pads.

Please see your contract for a full list of exclusions.

How do protection plans work for cars that still have a manufacturer warranty?

Many cars from Shift still have an original manufacturer warranty. Often, these warranties last for 36,000 miles / 36 months. As soon as the car hits 36,000 miles on the odometer or has been in service for 36 months, the original manufacturer warranty is no longer valid.

Shift protection plans start immediately after your purchase. If your vehicle is still under factory warranty, you’ll receive additional or overlapping benefits, such as roadside assistance and trip interruption). Our plans ensure you continue to have these benefits along with your coverage once the factory warranty ends.

How much does Gap coverage pay, exactly?

Gap coverage can supplement your existing auto insurance by up to $50,000. The actual amount your coverage will pay depends on many factors, including your original down payment, loan term length, size of your deductible, and other factors.

How do I make a claim?
  • If you don’t yet have a preferred ASE-certified shop or mechanic: call the number on your protection plan contract and you’ll be referred to a reputable shop.
  • If you do have a preferred shop or mechanic: Take your car to your shop, let the mechanic know you have coverage, and they’ll handle the billing paperwork directly. The most you’ll pay is a $100 deductible.
Where can I find information about my coverage?

Your protection plan details, contracts and roadside assistance phone number can all be found at shift.com/fi/ownership.

Didn’t find your answers? Try Shift Support or call us at 855-744-3873