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At Shift, we empower engineers to solve high-impact problems that drive our business. Our platform serves both customers and our operational team, providing a plethora of engineering challenges.

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Simple is anything but easy…

Marketplace & consumer products

Buying and selling a car are complex transactions with many moving parts. We’re building a frictionless experience with asynchronous in-app communication, instant financing, and personalized features.

A self-driven purchase process

Logistics platforms

It’s a classic computer science problem: how can we create the optimal schedule for drivers AND customers given thousands of inputs? Our proprietary scheduling system is solving these problems at scale.

Efficient field staffingExtended workflow app

Pricing engine

Because no two cars are the same, pricing is a huge algorithmic challenge that’s at the core of our business. We use machine learning to accurately price vehicles while accounting for fluctuations in demand, availability, and local-market conditions.

Targeted inventory & pricing

Our Stack

Challenging the status quo means we need every advantage we can get. This is our toolkit for building great software.

Meet the Team

Our mission to transform the experience of buying and selling cars is an ambitious one. It can only be achieved by a team of diverse problem solvers dedicated to understanding our varied customers.

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“Shift is so collaborative. It’s great getting to work with smart people every day. And, as an engineer, I love getting to see how my work directly impacts our customers and our Concierges.”

– Mikey, Engineering Manager

“As an engineer on a product team, every project I work on has a direct impact on our customers. I love that I can help drive our business and build great user experiences at the same time.”

– Judith, Engineer

“I’m learning all the things I took for granted at Twitter. You are forced to think about everything from the beginning. There is no big company way of doing it.”

– Saud, Engineer

“We get to solve a really complex, important problems, and I love that our engineering team has a high quality bar for the code we ship. We’re making a usually unpleasant experience for many people better and more egalitarian for a diverse customer base – that’s really rewarding.”

– Kate, Engineering Manager

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We’ve accomplished a lot with a small and talented team, but there’s more to be done. We have an ambitious product roadmap rife with interesting challenges and opportunities. Join us in rethinking car ownership and transforming an industry.

HQ in San Francisco. Satellite engineering office in Washington, D.C.

Listen to a Code[ish] podcast episode on Principles of Pragmatic Engineering featuring our very own SVP of Engineering, Karan Gupta!