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Used Toyota 4Runner for Sale in Enumclaw, WA

20 results Prices exclude taxes, fees, or Shift Service fee

2015 Toyota 4Runner
SR5 Premium
101.97k Miles
Est. $400/mo
2010 Toyota 4Runner
186.63k Miles
Est. $288/mo
2015 Toyota 4Runner
45.56k Miles
Est. $430/mo
2016 Toyota 4Runner
141.16k Miles
Est. $388/mo
2016 Toyota 4Runner
46.55k Miles
Est. $521/mo
2016 Toyota 4Runner
77.78k Miles
Est. $493/mo
2012 Toyota 4Runner
102.03k Miles
Est. $338/mo

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2016 Toyota 4Runner
71.92k Miles
Est. $465/mo
2011 Toyota 4Runner
138.91k Miles
Est. $259/mo
2015 Toyota 4Runner
51.33k Miles
Est. $465/mo
2017 Toyota 4Runner
46.03k Miles
Est. $444/mo
2018 Toyota 4Runner
TRD Off Road
39.13k Miles
Est. $557/mo
2016 Toyota 4Runner
96.27k Miles
Est. $451/mo
2014 Toyota 4Runner
85.33k Miles
Est. $394/mo
2017 Toyota 4Runner
50.79k Miles
Est. $527/mo
2019 Toyota 4Runner
12.74k Miles
Est. $528/mo
2016 Toyota 4Runner
58.85k Miles
Est. $436/mo
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Used Toyota 4Runner in Enumclaw, Washington

There's just something about Enumclaw that made you want to call it home. Sure there may be better cities in Washington, but none like Enumclaw. You have trouble deciding what to do on any given weekend because there is almost too much to choose from. But when you're ready to discover more of Washington and beyond, you'll need solid vehicle. Too bad your vehicle isn't up for a trip to the store, let alone a road trip, these days.

You've had your eye on a Toyota 4Runner for a while, and it's about time you made it yours. It has almost everything you are searching for in a car—modern design, quality, and horsepower. Plus, it's made by Toyota, a brand you respect. The one thing giving you pause is a the price of a new 4Runner. What if we told you there is a better option?

Shift—how we do business

At Shift, it all starts with our scrupulous inspection where we have a comprehensive look at all the major components of your car. Not one vehicle leaves our property without passing our examinations. To assure that you receive a great rate, we continuously analyze millions of points of data on current prices for related Toyota models. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is ready for you and that you got a great deal.

More about your Toyota 4Runner

Toyota has a well-earned reputation for producing vehicles that are trustworthy, safe, and offer great value at a reasonable price. Being consistent hasn't kept Toyota from pioneering new categories. Toyota was one of the first to create a popular gas-electric hybrid model with the Prius. Toyota hasn't stopped there. They also are experimenting with newer technologies, like hydrogen fuel cells, which can be seen in the Mirai sedan.

Toyota 4Runner has a 270hp, 5L engine. Gas mileage varies based on driving conditions, but the Toyota 4Runner typically gets 18mpg in and around town and about 23mpg on the expressway. The 4Runner is available in several configurations like cargo, convertible, crew cab pickup - long bed, and crew cab pickup - short bed.

Purchase a pre-owned Toyota 4Runner today

At Shift, we want to take all the trouble out of car buying. There's no need to waste time visiting used dealers all over town. It's a win-win for you, and what we believe how the pre-owned car buying process should be. Plus, if you determine this isn't the Toyota for you, you have seven days from the purchase date to return it. With Shift, you'll get the car you want at an affordable price. Take Shift for a spin today.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Toyota 4Runner

We know you may have many questions when it comes to buying a pre-owned car, and we're available to answer them. Below are a few of our customers' most commonly asked questions about Toyotas.
Does Toyota make luxury vehicles?
No, Toyota is not considered a luxury automaker. Still, you can get a used Toyota 4Runner with some premium features.
What are the best-selling Toyota models?
When it comes to making models that people love, Toyota has the formula down. The best-selling Toyota models are the Tacoma, RAV4, Highlander, Corolla, and Camry
Does the Toyota 4Runner come in different styles?
The Toyota 4Runner body styles are station wagon, sport utility, sedan, regular cab pickup - standard bed, regular cab pickup - short bed, regular cab pickup - long bed, and passenger
What if I don't like the Toyota 4Runner? Can I return it?
From the date of purchase, you get seven days to return it. To accept the return, the car has to be in the same condition in which you bought it.

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