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Used Tesla Model X for Sale in Enumclaw, WA

4 results Prices exclude taxes, fees, or Shift Service fee

2018 Tesla Model X
25.89k Miles
Est. $1,057/mo
2017 Tesla Model X
36.02k Miles
Est. $1,043/mo
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Used Tesla Model Xs in Enumclaw, WA

Sure, Enumclaw is where you work, but it's also where you play. On the weekends, it's all about trying to see as much as Enumclaw as possible. Without a great car, you may not see much besides Enumclaw, WA.

There's only one automobile for you and it's a Tesla Model X. It has almost everything you're seeking in a car—attractive design, quality, and fuel economy. Plus, it's made by Tesla, a brand you respect. But a Model X is beyond your means. We're here to tell you there is a better way to get what you want, and Shift has it.

The Shift Way—simple, fair, used car buying

We love matching great pre-owned vehicles with great people like you. It all begins with our thorough inspection where we have a comprehensive look at all the major components of your car. Not one vehicle rolls off our property unless they satisfy our check-lists. To ensure that you receive a great sticker price, we regularly keep track of hundreds of thousands of data points on past and current prices for related Tesla Model Xs. You can rest easy knowing that your ride is ready for action and that you're getting a great deal.

More about Enumclaw, WA used Tesla Model Xs

Tesla is an American automaker that exclusively builds all-electric vehicles. The company got its start in 2003 by one of its founders, Elon Musk. The company wanted to produce an affordable mass-market electric car and unveiled its first car, the Tesla Roadster, in 2008. The Roadster was groundbreaking at the time. Tesla's car was able to go around 250 miles on a single charge. Tesla next car was a an all electric luxury sedan, the Model S. Later, Tesla extended its lineup by offering a SUV and a more affordably-priced midsize sedan, the Model 3. Today, Tesla continues to develop longer-lasting batteries and expand their offerings to eventually include an electric truck. For those desiring to curb their fossil-fuel consumption without sacrificing luxury or style, a pre-owned Tesla should be at the top of their list.

Buy a Pre-owned Tesla Model X before it's too late

We strive to take all the hassle out of purchasing a pre-owned Tesla Model X, yet still give you a great car at a competitive rate. We'll process all the essential paperwork, including title, transfer, registration, and DMV forms. Plus, Shift's 150-point inspection means that your Model X is ready to hit the road when we deliver it to your home. Get that new-car feeling with a pre-owned Model X. Don't let that Tesla Model X you've had your eyes on pass you by. Lock in your price today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We realize you may have a number of questions about purchasing a pre-owned Model X, and we're available to answer them. Below are several of the most?ommonly asked questions about Teslas.
Is Tesla considered a luxury brand?
Teslas are considered luxury cars, which means you'll find premium amenities on most?odels?ike the Tesla Model X.
Which Tesla models?o people buy the most?
Tesla has a few models that are popular with their drivers. Tesla's top-selling models?re the Roadster, Model Y, Model X, Model S, and Model 3
Does the Tesla Model X come in different styles?
The Model X body styles are convertible, sedan, and sport utility
Can I return the Model X if I don't like it?
You have seven days from the date of purchase to return the Model X. The vehicle must be in the same condition in which you purchased it.

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