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Used Lexus GX for Sale in Edmonds, WA

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2018 Lexus GX
460 Premium
28.22k Miles
Est. $662/mo
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Houston, TX
Purchase a Used Lexus GX in Edmonds, Washington

Sure, Edmonds is where you work, but it's also where you play. During the weekends, it's all about trying to see as much as Edmonds as possible. However, if you want to see it all, you'll need a great car.

There's only one automobile for you and it's a GX by Lexus. It's got everything you want in a vehicle—updated design, quality, and horsepower. Plus, it's made by Lexus, a brand you respect. The one thing giving you pause is a the price of a new Lexus GX. What if we told you there's a better option?

The only way to buy a used car

It all starts with our rigorous inspection where we have a comprehensive look at all the major components of your car. Not one vehicle leaves our property unless they pass our examinations. To assure that you receive a great price, we continually analyze millions of points of data on current prices for related Lexus GX models. You can relax knowing that your vehicle has the green light and that you got a great deal.

More about Edmonds, WA used Lexus GX

Lexus, which was founded in 1989, is Toyota's luxury brand and defines itself with gracious styling while still maintaining the parent companies heralded reliability and safety features The company's initial two cars, the ES 250 and the LS 400, were praised by critics for being less expensive than their European counterparts, but having the same level of luxury. The Japanese automaker continued to expand its lineup with SUVs, like the LX 450 and sports coupes. Today, Lexus continues to release luxury vehicles in a number of body styles, and even a hybrid car. Few can match the level of premium features and the reliability like Lexus

The Lexus GX features a 5L engine that produces an exceptional 301hp. The Lexus GX gets 15mpg city and 19mpg highway. The GX comes in numerous body types such as convertible, sedan, and sport utility.

Purchase a Used Lexus GX before it's too late

At Shift, we aim to take all the hassle out of pre-owned car buying. There's no need to waste time going from used car lots all over Washington. You may call it a win-win, but we think it's the way pre-owned car buying should be. Plus, if you're ever in doubt, you get a week from the purchase date to bring it back. With us, you'll get the car you want at an affordable value. Take us for a spin today.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Lexus GX

We know you have several questions about your pre-owned Lexus, and we have a few answers for you. Below are a few of our customers' most frequently asked questions on Lexuses.
Is Lexus considered a luxury brand?
Yes, Lexus is considered a luxury automaker, and the price is indicative of their premium standing.
Which Lexus models do people buy the most?
Lexus knows how to make vehicles that appeal to all types of drivers. The top Lexus models are the RX 350, IS, ES 350, RX, and NX
Does the Lexus GX come in different styles?
The GX is available as a convertible, sedan, or sport utility
Can I return the GX if I don't like it?
We allow you to bring back the automobile within seven days of the purchase. The model must be in the same condition that you bought it.

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