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Used Honda HR-V for Sale in Chehalis, WA

8 results Prices exclude taxes, fees, or Shift Service fee

2017 Honda HR-V
63.1k Miles
Est. $310/mo
2018 Honda HR-V
15.7k Miles
Est. $341/mo
2019 Honda HR-V
28k Miles
Est. $338/mo
2018 Honda HR-V
51.1k Miles
Est. $317/mo
2016 Honda HR-V
48.8k Miles
Est. $271/mo

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2016 Honda HR-V
72.9k Miles
Est. $261/mo
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Used Honda HR-Vs in Chehalis, WA

There's just something about Chehalis that made you want to call it home. Sure there may be better cities in Washington, but none like Chehalis. With so much to see and do, making a decision on what to do is the hardest part. Any fantastic journey starts with a great set of wheels. Unfortunately, your car isn't up to the challenge.

For you only one car will do—a Honda HR-V. It has almost everything you want in a vehicle—updated styling, quality, and great fuel economy. And it's a Honda, a brand you've always trusted However, a new HR-V is way out of your budget. What if there was a way for you to get a Honda HR-V that crossed off all of your list without paying full sticker price?

The only way to buy a used car

We hear you and we have a solution. We can put you in a pre-owned HR-V without busting your wallet. We start with Shift's full 150-point inspection. No auto drives off our lots unless they pass Shift's check-lists. Plus, to assure that you receive a fair sticker price, we continuously keep track of tens of thousands of data points on current prices for similar HR-Vs. You'll rest easy knowing your pre-owned Honda is road-ready, and we'll provide you all the paperwork, like vehicle history and ownership info.

Honda HR-V—what to know

Since 1970, Honda has produced praise-worthy automobiles for the U.S. market. Honda vehicles are recognized for being safe, reliable, and offering a lot at a reasonable price compared to their competition. For most?eople when they are looking for a sensible car that offers contemporary styling, a Honda will be on their shortlist.

Honda HR-V has a 141hp, 2L engine. Gas mileage varies based on driving conditions, but the Honda HR-V typically gets 35mpg on the freeway and 28mpg in and around town. The HR-V is available in numerous body styles like convertible, crew cab pickup - long bed, crew cab pickup - short bed, and hatchback.

Don't miss out on your Honda HR-V

At Shift, we aim to take all the stress out of pre-owned car buying. There's no need to waste time going from used lots all over Chehalis. Plus, if you're ever in doubt, you have seven days from the purchase date to return it. It's a win-win for you, and how we believe the process of buying a used car should be. With Shift, you'll get the car you want at a reasonable value. Take Shift for a spin today.

Shift FAQ: Your questions answered

We understand you may have a number of questions about buying a pre-owned Honda vehicle, and we are ready to answer them. Below are some of our customers' most?requently asked questions on Hondas. Here are a few of our customers' most?requently asked questions on Honda models?
Does Honda make luxury vehicles?
No, Honda is not considered a luxury automaker. Still, you can get a used Honda HR-V with some great features.
What are the most?opular Honda models?
Honda knows how to make vehicles that appeal to all types of drivers. The top Honda models?re the Civic, Accord, CR-V, Pilot, and Fit
What are the available body styles for the Honda HR-V?
The HR-V is available as a convertible, crew cab pickup - long bed, crew cab pickup - short bed, hatchback, or mini-van
What happens if I don't like the Honda? Can I bring it back?
We allow you to bring back the vehicle within seven days from the date of the purchase. The vehicle must be in the same condition in which you bought it.

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