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Used BMW 3 Series for Sale in Chehalis, WA

83 results Prices exclude taxes, fees, or Shift Service fee

2017 BMW 3 Series
330e iPerformance
28.38k Miles
Est. $355/mo

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2016 BMW 3 Series
65.61k Miles
Est. $317/mo
2015 BMW 3 Series
328i xDrive
76.45k Miles
Est. $239/mo
2011 BMW 3 Series
63.5k Miles
Est. $276/mo
2013 BMW 3 Series
49.62k Miles
Est. $235/mo
2014 BMW 3 Series
39.64k Miles
Est. $360/mo
2012 BMW 3 Series
96.15k Miles
Est. $190/mo
2014 BMW 3 Series
77.73k Miles
Est. $259/mo
2015 BMW 3 Series
50.91k Miles
Est. $303/mo
2016 BMW 3 Series
61.28k Miles
Est. $253/mo
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Purchase a Used BMW 3 Series in Chehalis, WA

Whether work brought you here or it's always been your home, Chehalis is your town. But you know there's a whole lot more to do and see besides what's in your city. The King of the Pacific Northwest has plenty to offer everyone. Whether you're seeing live bands in Seattle or letting all your concerns float away on Lake Whatcom, Washington has plenty to keep your vacations entertaining. But, if you want to check out the best spots, you'll need an a comfortable ride.

For you only one car will do—a BMW 3 Series. It's got almost everything you want in a vehicle—attractive design, quality, and great fuel economy. And it's a BMW, a brand you've always trusted. But a BMW 3 Series is beyond your means. What if you could get a 3 Series that checked all of your must-have list without going over budget?

Shift—how we do business

At Shift, we seek to buckle you in the driver's seat of a used 3 Series without busting your wallet. We constantly follow millions of data points on past and current prices for similar Chehalis, Washington pre-owned 3 Series models to make sure that you receive a wallet-friendlier sticker price. Our 150-point inspection on all our pre-owned vehicles means your buying a top-notch set of wheels. No car rolls off our lots without passing Shift's inspections. Sit back and relax knowing your 3 Series is road-ready. Plus, you'll have access to your BMW's vehicle history reports and ownership information.

More about your BMW 3 Series

BMW is one of Germany's most recognized brands that specializes in creating luxury automobiles that are fine-tuned like race cars. The company's slogan is "The Ultimate Driving Machine" and few people that ever sat behind the wheel of one would disagree. The company, throughout the years, pioneered many technologies used today, such as turbocharged engines and advanced electronics. With family-friendly wagons, stately sedans, sporty coupes, and luxurious SUVs, the German automaker currently has a diverse lineup.

The BMW 3 Series features a 4L engine that generates an impressive 414hp. The BMW 3 Series gets 32mpg city and 45mpg expressway. The BMW 3 Series comes in several configurations such as convertible, sedan, sport utility, and station wagon.

Get your used BMW 3 Series in Chehalis, WA before it's gone

We could be a tad biased, but we feel that Shift provides one of the best pre-owned purchasing experiences on the internet. We offer competitive prices for every used BMW 3 Series models and give you all the details to make a decision. Plus, our thorough 150-point inspection means your 3 Series is ready for the road once it's delivered. Competitive prices, a fabulous selection on BMW 3 Series models, and terrific customer service? Check, check, and check! today's.

Frequently Asked Questions about the BMW 3 Series

We understand. Buying a pre-owned BMW can be kind of stressful, and we're here to help make the process as stress-free as possible. You have questions, and we got answers. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on BMW vehicles.
Is BMW considered a luxury brand?
Yes, BMW occupies the luxury car segment. Most BMW 3 Series models will come standard with premium features.
What are the most popular BMW models?
BMW has a few models that are popular with their drivers. BMW's top-selling models are the 3 Series, 5 Series, X5, X3, and 4 Series
Does the BMW 3 Series come in different styles?
The 3 Series comes in either a convertible, sedan, sport utility, and station wagon
What if I decide the BMW 3 Series isn't for me? Can I bring it back?
From the date of purchase, you get seven days to return it. To accept the return, the model has to be in the same condition that you bought it.

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