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Used Mazda RX-8 for Sale in Bremerton, WA

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Pre-owned Mazda RX-8s in Bremerton, Washington

Sure, Bremerton is where you work, but it's also where you play. On the weekends, you're ready to meet up with some friend and see as much as Bremerton as you can. But, if you're planning to see what this great state has to offer, you'll need an a comfortable ride.

For you only one car will do—a Mazda RX-8. It has everything you want in a car—attractive design, handling, and reliability. Plus, it's made by Mazda, a brand you respect. But a RX-8 is beyond your means. What if you could get nearly everything you're looking for in a Mazda, but without having to empty your wallet?

Shift—car buying done the right way

At Shift, it all starts with our meticulous inspection where we have a comprehensive look at all the major components of your car. Not one car drives off our lots without passing our inspections. To assure that you receive a reasonable sticker price, we continuously analyze hundreds of thousands of points of data on current prices for comparable RX-8s. You can relax knowing that your Mazda is ready to drive and that you got a great deal.

Mazda RX-8—what to know

The Japanese automaker, Mazda, is popular for its affordable vehicles that drive like sports cars. The company was first introduced in the States during the 1970s. Their vehicles were praised for being both affordable and fun to drive. During the '90s, Mazda had one of its biggest successes with the release of the sporty roadster, the Miata. Today's Mazda lineup includes a variety of body styles, like SUVs and crossovers. No matter which used Mazda you buy, you can be assured it will be fun to drive and reliable.

Mazda RX-8 has a 232hp, 1L engine. You can expect around 16mpg in and around town and about 23mpg on the freeway. The RX-8 is available in a variety body styles such as sport utility, sedan, regular cab pickup - short bed, passenger, and mini-van.

Buy a Used Mazda RX-8 in Bremerton, WA today

At Shift, we want to take all the stress out of used car buying. There's no need to waste time going from used lots all over town. Moreover, if you are ever in doubt, you have a week from the purchase date to bring it back. You may call it a win-win, but we just think it's the way pre-owned car buying should be. With Shift, you'll get the car you want at a great rate. Take us for a spin today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. Buying a pre-owned RX-8 can be a little nerve-wracking, and we are here to assist you in any way we can. You have questions, and we have answers. Below are several of the most?requently asked questions on Mazda vehicles.
Does Mazda make luxury vehicles?
No, Mazda is not considered a luxury automaker. Still, you can get a pre-owned Mazda RX-8 with some great features.
Which Mazda models?o people buy the most?
Mazda knows how to make vehicles that appeal to all types of drivers. The top Mazda models?re the CX-5, MAZDA3, MAZDA6, CX-9, and MX-5 Miata
Does the Mazda RX-8 come in different styles?
The RX-8 is available as a convertible, extended cab pickup - short bed, mini-van, passenger, or regular cab pickup - short bed
What if I decide the RX-8 isn't for me? Can I return it?
From the date of purchase, you have seven days to return the RX-8. The model must be in the same condition that you purchased it.

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