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Used BMW X1 for Sale in Bremerton, WA

17 results Prices exclude taxes, fees, or Shift Service fee

2018 BMW X1
22.83k Miles
Est. $388/mo
2015 BMW X1
54.54k Miles
Est. $281/mo
2018 BMW X1
33.48k Miles
Est. $402/mo
2019 BMW X1
22.65k Miles
Est. $429/mo
2015 BMW X1
56.28k Miles
Est. $261/mo

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2014 BMW X1
61.54k Miles
Est. $230/mo
2018 BMW X1
21.7k Miles
Est. $408/mo
2017 BMW X1
37.61k Miles
Est. $394/mo
2014 BMW X1
90.05k Miles
Est. $202/mo
2015 BMW X1
73.96k Miles
Est. $225/mo
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xDrive40e iPerformance
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49.85k Miles
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Buy a Pre-owned BMW X1 in Bremerton, Washington

Sure, Bremerton is where you work, but it's also where you play. During the weekends, it's all about meeting up with your best buds and having some laughs. Without a solid set of wheels, you may not see much besides Bremerton, WA.

For you only one car will do—a BMW X1. It's got just about everything you want in a car—attractive design, workmanship, and fuel economy. Plus, it's made by BMW, a brand you respect. However, a new X1 is way out of your budget. However, there's a better option.

Shift—how we do business

We hear you and we have a solution. We can put you in a pre-owned BMW without maxing out your cards. It all starts with Shift's full inspection where we have a comprehensive look at all the major components of your car. Not a single car leaves our property without passing. Plus, to ensure that you get a reasonable sticker price, we continuously keep track of millions of data points on current prices for similar BMW X1s. You can rest easy knowing that your car has the green light and that you got a great price on your BMW.

BMW X1—what to know

BMW, or Bavarian Motor Works, is a German luxury brand self-described as "The Ultimate Driving Machine." If you've ever sat behind the wheel of a BMW, you most likely whole-heatedly agree with the company's slogan. The company, throughout the years, pioneered many technologies used today, such as turbocharged engines and advanced electronics. Today, BMW doesn't just focus primarily on sports cars. They have a full lineup that includes wagons, sedans, SUVs, and coupes.

The BMW X1 features a 3L engine that generates an impressive 300hp. This model gets 24mpg city and 34mpg expressway. The BMW X1 comes in a variety body styles such as convertible, sedan, sport utility, and station wagon.

Don't miss out on your BMW X1

Shift FAQ: Your questions answered

We understand. Buying a used car can be kind of nerve-wracking, and we're here to assist you in any way we can. You got questions, and we got answers. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions on the X1.
Is BMW considered a luxury brand?
Yes, BMW is considered a luxury brand, and the price is indicative of their premium standing.
Which BMW models do people buy the most?
BMW has no shortage of models that customers love. Some of the most popular BMW models are the X5, X3, 5 Series, 4 Series, and 3 Series
What are the available body styles for the BMW X1?
The X1 body types are convertible, sedan, sport utility, and station wagon
What if I don't like the BMW X1? Can I return it?
You have seven days from the date of purchase to bring back the BMW. To accept your return, the BMW has to be in the same condition in which you bought it.

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